A Zombie is reanimated corpse of a once living being, able to have motion either by supernatural or chemical means.

On Gaia, Zombies are a result of the G-Virus being spread to Gaians. "Zombified" avatars look lifeless unless and until they chose to drink a Vial of Unknown Liquid which holds the antidote or Red Bino. The Zombies from 2004 have all been reverted to normal, but some from 2005 still remain, since they were created by Grunnies on the Avatar 2.0 system.

It was Gaians who nicknamed the zombies from 2k5 "Grombies".

Zombie Types:Edit

2004: ZombieEdit

Creature zombie2k4

The first zombie type to appear on Gaia were pale skinned and bruised. Their eyes were sunken in, their mouths were agape and full of jagged yellow teeth.

The creation of the first zombie type was by the G Virus, which was developed by LabTech247 who murdered LabTech013 with the virus. But unknown to 247 was that 013's dead cells merged with his living cells as he lay on the laboratory floor. LabTech013 was buried and his death covered up.

On October 30 the Halloween Bash had come and with it a Retirement Party for LabTech062. As the party went on, alarms were sounded, but these were downplayed by Gambino as false alarms. 247 stopped by, but was eager to leave as he said he was busy. LabTech957 congratulated 062, but feeling unease by the atmosphere, went into a panic and began to run around the room with LabTech138 scolding him.

It was LabTech137 who noticed something coming towards them and it was revealed to be 013, groaning and bloodied. 013 made his first victim LabTech957. The LabTechs became confused and panicked, 062 shouted that it was impossible for 013 to be alive, since he killed him himself. 247 shouted back that it can't be, since it was he who killed 013.

As the chaos continued the doors were locked, but the newly infected LabTech zombies broke it down and began to attack and infect Gaians.

About ZombieEdit

This zombie type holds the origin of basic zombie characteristics. Being that it is mindless, aggressive, and relentless. It is also able to vocalize, moaning about brains or growling. They will continuously bite their targets or end up consuming them.

2010: ZombieEdit

The first zombie type made a return on April 2, 2010, when Users collected 50 Easter Eggs called Gambino Egg. By using the Gambino Egg, Gaians were able to become this type.

2005: GrombieEdit

Creature zombie2k5

The second zombie type to appear on Gaia were pale skinned and smooth. Their eyes were red, and their mouths were tight-lipped.

The creation of the second zombie type was by the G Virus, which was recreated by LabTech123 using the mutated DNA of a lab bunny (called Grunny) to complete it.

It was LabTechX who pulled the release switch on the bunny cages and turned off the power, causing the laboratory to go dark. And as he towered over 123, enjoying the chaos he created, the Grunnies ran free and attacked Gaians, gradually altering their appearance.

About GrombieEdit

This zombie type is slightly different than the first type. Since the results from a bite does not cause one to become a zombie instantaneously. The changes happen in stages, with the third resulting in the reveal of a clinging Grunny. So due to the influence of the Grunny, this zombie is aggressive and blood thirsty.

The 2005 zombie skin is the only event skin where a Gaian (who has maintained being a Grombie since the event) is able to recover their zombie state by consuming the drink called Experiment 105 [1].

2008: GlompieEdit

Creature zombie2k8

The third zombie type to appear on Gaia were green skinned, bruised, and veiny. Their eyes were green.

The creation of the third zombie type was by Serum 3A, which is considered a failure formula. The creator of it is unknown and it was hidden at the Gaia Bank vault. Johnny used the serum on a corpse, guaranteeing the Devil Imps that the zombie hoard spawned from it would win the Gaia Olympics.

About GlompieEdit

This zombie type was given the name Glompie by Gaians due to the manga showing a reanimated corpse hugging Gambino tightly.

Unlike the previous types, the Glompie is not aggressive (in a vicious sense) and is rather obedient. Their main ways of attacking, is hugging their target tightly and draining their life force. They have no drive to consume brains or flesh and their blood and various other fluids are not contagious.

Notable ZombiesEdit


  • The Glompie is also known as Glombie, this name is from manga #29 Stranger Danger 2.
  • According to Fleep, due to the popularity of the skins, there were potions released that allowed users to turn into dark elves and a zombie. These potions were released on November 6th.

External Links & ReferencesEdit

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