zOMG! Item refer to items released from Gaia Online's MMO, zOMG!. These items are obtained by participating in the games activities.

See also: Category:zOMG! Item

Types of ItemsEdit

  • Ring - These are unique items that are used in the world of zOMG!- to fight monsters. Each ring has its own ability.
  • Loot - These are items obtained from defeating monsters, opening chests, or completing quests. Loot can be used in completing a recipe.
  • Chest - These chest are scatted throughout the world of zOMG!, they also come in other forms. Opening these will yield miscellaneous items such as loot.
  • Recipe - These are scroll-like items that are obtained through defeating monsters or completing a quest. Recipes list 'ingredients' that must be used in order to create the mentioned item.

Misc. typesEdit

  • Chance Item - These are zOMG! themed Chance Items that release zOMG! related items. This can include loot, recipes, companions, or apparel.

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