Young Mrs. Claus is a set of items released during the holiday items update of November 2007, at the same time as the Gaia Garage Sale. They are designs based on the idea of what Mrs. Claus may have worn when she was younger.

Barton JewelersEdit


  • Young Mrs. Claus' Earrings: They're like mini ear muffs just for the lobes of your ears! Oh-ho-ho~ (300 Gold)

Gambino OutfittersEdit


  • Young Mrs. Claus' Bustier: Pricey and haughty and a little bit naughty; that's what this bustier stands for! (3,000 Gold)
  • Young Mrs. Claus' Flirty Top: Sugar and spice and everything nice; that's what this sweetheart top is made of! (1,500 Gold)


  • Young Mrs. Claus' Flared Skirt: And THIS is why Mr. Claus does all the chimney spelunking each December! (1,500 Gold)
  • Young Mrs. Claus' Garter: I think Mr. Claus has been a very good boy this year~ ;3 (600 Gold)


  • Young Mrs. Claus' Boots: Keep warm and show off your legs at the same time with these skin tight fleece-lined boots! (900 Gold)


  • Young Mrs. Claus' Gloves: A pair of brilliant red opera gloves trimmed in white fur. Fashionable and flirty~ (900 Gold)

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