Discuss ideas, and all things literary. This is one of the slower-moving forums on Gaia.

Sub-Forums Edit

[[Books Forum|Books]]
Discuss your favorite books.

[[Promotions Forum|Promotions]]
A place to showcase your personal web site, art gallery, or news on upcoming contest or activities.

[[Original Poetry/Lyricism Forum|Original Poetry/Lyricism]]
Share your poetry and lyrics here.

[[Original Stories/Prose Forum|Original Stories/Prose]]
Share your stories and other prose here.

[[Fanfiction Forum|Fanfiction]]
Share your fan-related writing here.

[[Collaborative Works Forum|Collaborative Works]]
Multiple writers, working together.

[[Writing Contests Forum|Writing Contests]]
Compete using your writing skills.

Important ThreadsEdit

The Posting Guide: Contains all rules and regulations of the forum as to what topics are allowed and to where said topics should be located. It can also be used to report misplaced threads, or threads prohibited by the rules of the forum, however this has been less used with the advent of the report feature.

The Think Tank: Used to discuss story ideas and to help solidify plot lines. This thread was originally created to curb the amount of “plot threads” that were being posted. Essentially it is a place to discuss your story.

The Gaian Name Bank: Is simply a collection of names that can be used in stories.

Writing and Publishing Links and Tips: A collection of useful tips for making improvements to writing and also contains information to help with publishing.

The Eleventyone: Also known as “Read the Stickies, kthxbai!111”. This thread was created to encourage people to actually read the rules of the forum. It has since become the main chat thread for the Writers' Forum. It has a reputation for being rude and elitist, but most of the time regulars just chat about current events or topics of interest to them. Has been known to occasionally self-combust.

The Riddle Room: One of the oldest threads in the forum, The Riddle Room has a special exception to the official forum rule that prohibits riddle threads from being created; thus, it is the only riddle thread allowed in the Writers' Forum.

The Anti-Guide: A collection of what not to do when writing.

Literary MagazinesEdit

Many people have tried to establish literary magazines based upon writers on Gaia; however, only two have ever been taken serious enough to produce a first product. The first was hosted off-site and was not very successful. The Gaian Press has been the first lit mag to establish a successful print run; publishing monthly directly in the Writers' Forum. The Press has been in print for over a year and features poetry and prose from Gaian Users, as well as columns, reviews of movies and books, and even literary criticisms. It also offers a prize for Best of Issue, which has become the writing equivalent to winning in the art arena.