Trash can be exchanged at the Gambino Hat Rack at Isle de Gambino. Peyo makes equippable paper hats out of the otherwise useless paper litter found in towns. Note that while tin cans and old boots are found in towns they can't be used by Peyo, only Logan.


The amount used is identical for Newspaper, but Newsprint has seperate items.

  • Crumpled Newspaper yields a Newspaper Combover
  • Old Crumpled Newspaper yields an Old Newspaper Combover
  • Dirty Crumpled Newspaper yields a Dirty Newspaper Combover
    • Papers Needed for combover: 50
    • Papers Needed for Fro: 50
    • Papers Needed for Stars: 100

Xerox PaperEdit

The amount used is the same for all colors. Blue Xerox Paper is generated mostly at night, White Xerox Paper during the day and Goldenrod Xerox Paper at dusk and dawn.

  • Papers Needed for headband : 50
  • Papers Needed for Shade Hat : 75
  • Papers Needed for Cat Band : 100

Construction PaperEdit

The amount used is the same for all colors. Red Construction Paper is Generated during dusk and dawn, Blue at night, and Green during the day.

  • Papers Needed for a Crown : 75
  • Papers Needed for a Spiky hat : 100


PaperBags are found at any time of day.

  • Papers Needed for Cap : 50
  • Papers Needed for Hoodie : 100
  • Papers Needed for Monster Paper Bag : 5000

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