Flowers can be picked in Gaia Towns.

Currently spread through Gaia towns are four types of flowers: Daisies, Carnations, Daffodils, and Sunflowers. Of the first three, each come in three different colors:

  • Daisies: White, blue, purple.
  • Carnations: White, blue, pink.
  • Daffodils: Yellow, blue, pink.
  • Sunflowers are only available in yellow.

Users can pick flowers by clicking on them, which cues a short animation of a shovel. The flowers are then added to one's backpack, and then to a user's inventory.

Once in possession of enough flowers, a user can go to the Barton Flowershoppe and exchange flowers for bouquets. There are three types of bouquets:

  • Single Bouquet - Uses one flower. Cost: 100g
  • Regular Bouquet - Uses ten flowers. Cost: 1000g
  • Deluxe Bouquet - Uses twenty-five flowers. Cost: 2500g

If a user has both the required amount of flowers and gold, then he/she can select a the desired option and create a bouquet. Using ink, the bouquet wrapping and ribbon can be altered.

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