This is a basic list of technology that stands out in the Gaia World. See also, zOMG! wiki for other sets of technology.


The mysterious organization known as G CORP is the world's largest manufacturer of biological medicines and advanced technology. It is owned by the Gambino Family. The organization includes many Laboratory Technicians (NPC:LabTechs) with a great variety of social patterns, work ethics, and moods.

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This mysterious organization was run by Mrs. Claus, and was created to save Xmas and resurrect Santa Claus. The organization included tiny workers, Laboratory Technicians(ElfTechs), of great variety in social patterns, work ethics, and moods. The main products that are produced from S CORP are largely Christmas related and help to further Santa Claus' delivery of gifts to the World.

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The newest organization owned and run by NPC:LabTechX, and was created to harness energy with the unwitting help of Gaians.

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OMNIDRINK is a corporation that creates products and provides innovative industrial solutions in the would of heavy manufacturing and high-volume chemical processing.

Notable creationsEdit

  • Omnidrink Personal Improvement Spray
  • Byproduct 2113
  • Anti Vegetal Corrosive Spray


Aekea is the fourth town to be introduced to Gaia Online. It has an industrial theme, surrounded with a metal wall, filled with machinery and buildings made from scrap metal. The town is occupied by a mixed population of Humans, Robots, and Creatures.

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Durem is the second city revealed in Gaia Online, located west of Barton Town. Its buildings are Gothic in design. The town is occupied by a mixed population of Humans, Vampires, and Elves.

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With the arrival of the Zurg, Extraterrestrial visits have increased over the years and with that a variety of technology that they share with the Gaia World.

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