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Word Bump was first released on July 13, 2006. It is the only single-player game on Gaia, in that there are no user-created rooms and chats; the player is isolated with the game.

It was heavily botted and gold granting and the Credit Exchange were disabled for several months, but as of February 1 2008 it has been working correctly.


There are rows of red, yellow and blue tiles, each with a different letter, and a Golden Word the player must "bump" to the top by making words out of the lettered tiles above it. After a certain amount of time, another row of tiles is added to the top, and if any of the Golden Tiles fall off the board, it's game over.

Bonus LevelsEdit

Credits can be won through bonus levels, which are needed to use the Credit Exchange at H.R. Wesley.

  • Color Spam - No real words are needed, just click and submit three or more tiles of the same color.
  • ChatterBox - Only the word "bump" is accepted.
  • Item Grant - Instead of a Golden Word, the player must "bump" up an item in order to win it.


Each color coincides with a power-up - the more of one colored tile is used, the faster the power-up gauge fills up, and when it is filled, a colored ball appears below the board. Filling up different colored gauges adds to the power of the ball at the bottom, and changes its color accordingly. The power-up can be used on any column.

  • Sticky - Golden Tile won't go down when timer fills up.
  • Bump - Bumps all tiles to the left and right of the Golden Tile
  • Split - Splits all tiles in an X-shape around the Golden Tile.
  • Announcement - If the Sticky, Bump, and Split power-ups are combined, it will launch a Golden Tile straight to the top!

Bonus Level InfoEdit

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Level Bonus Game Reward
5 Color SPAM x1 Bachelors Credit
10 ChatterBox x2 Bachelors Credit
15 Color SPAM x4 Bachelors Credit
20 ChatterBox x8 Bachelors Credit
25 Color SPAM x16 Bachelors Credit
30 Item Grant Varies
35 Color SPAM x1 Masters Credit
40 ChatterBox x2 Masters Credit
45 Color SPAM x4 Masters Credit
50 ChatterBox x8 Masters Credit
55 Color SPAM x16 Masters Credit
60 Item Grant Varies
65 Color SPAM x1 Doctorates Credit
70 ChatterBox x2 Doctorates Credit?
75 Color SPAM x4 Doctorates Credit?
80 ChatterBox x8 Doctorates Credit?
85 Color SPAM x16 Doctorates Credit?
90 Item Grant? Varies

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