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Gaia Shop

Barton Boutique

  • Wolf Ears
  • Were Claws
  • Were Mask
  • Wulf set

Prize & Joy

  • Wolfman Face Paint
Premium Items

La Victoire

  • Freki the Red Wolf → Dark Tale Bundle

Chance Items

  • Were Tail → Blue / Pink Magical Giftbox
  • Outlaw Wolf Pup → Fluff Box
  • Sagamate → Love Charm
  • Lobo the Gray Wolf → Hell Prison
  • Twin Wolves → Bitter Frost
  • Child of Gevaudan (The Beast) → Lost Chapters
  • Nochi the Black Wolf → Double Rainbow
  • Love Charm III: Baine → Love Charm III


  • #317 Duelist Baine → Valefor Academy
  • #335 Asena the Wolf Spirit → Guardian Totem

Evolving Items

  • Yama no Kami (okuri-inu) → Yama no Tamago
  • Bad Moon

Monthly Collectibles

  • Wild Things → November 2007
  • Black Wolf → July 2009

Aquarium Items

  • Aquarium Mini Monsters Outlaw Wolf
  • Mini Monsters Outlaw Wolf Drop
  • Mini Monsters Outlaw Wolf Card
Event Items

Halloween 2009 (zOMG!)

  • Werewolf Pup → Recipe: Werewolf Pup

Halloween 2011

  • Werewolf Skin → Gro-gain MAX

Item Alchemy

  • Bad Moon: Alchemized → Formula 7: Bad Moon
  • 2k11 Werewolf Skin → Formula 1: 2k11 Werewolf Skin
  • Lobo the Gray Wolf → Formula 10: Lobo the Gray Wolf
  • Nochi the Black Wolf → Formula 10: Nochi the Black Wolf
    • Alchemy components
  • Sno the Moga → Lost Starseed

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