A Wolf (Canis lupus) is the largest extant wild member of the Canidae family.

On Gaia, Wolves were introduced during the 2007 Halloween event. However, they would not be seen for four years afterward. They made a return during the 2011 Halloween event as the result of drug induced lycanthropy, Gaians changing into werewolves. A werewolf is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature, either purposely, by being bitten by another werewolf, or after being placed under a curse.



There has not been much history to judge the behavior of the wolf, however, based on the events, wolves seem to behave much like a real wolf would.


The wolves resemble the common gray wolf with its most obvious anatomical features, despite some wolves being more colorful than others. On Gaia wolves are slender, powerfully built animals with large, deeply descending ribcages and sloping backs. Their abdomens are pulled in, and their necks heavily muscled. Their limbs are long and robust, with comparatively small paws. They have large heads and blunt muzzles, their ears are triangular. The common fur shades are black, gray, and brown.

During the Halloween event as Gaians were being turned there were a variety of wolves appearing, one that stood out in particular was the "Sparkledog", a colorful wolf-like creature decorated in accessories.[1] Others seemed to appear elemental, and reflect that by fur color such as the Ice and Shadow and others were bright colors such as blood red.


Event Guide: Halloween 2k11 pt2

(further information on wolf abilities)

A noted distinction is that they can range from average wolf to possibilities of being a Shapeshifter

Claw, Bite, Bark, Howl


Halloween 2007Edit

In this event, a manga and two short films were released to tell the tale of the vampires in Gaia. The Von Helson Sisters were back, and were revealed to be a part of a family of vampires. The short film MMVII:White Eclipse introduced a white wolf that made an attempt to attack Moira, it was later hunted down by Louie Von Helson and killed.

Halloween 2009Edit

  • Halloween 2k9

Werewolves were the enemy in the world of zOMG!. See zOMG! Halloween 2009 for further information.

There were no werewolves present during the site version of the event.

Halloween 2011Edit

H2k11 TheBeast

The Beast

In this event, a manga was released that was about how Halloween events effected the citizens of of the towns. Louie and Ian wanted to throw a masquerade to defuse the peoples fears.

The peaceful theme of the party lasted only for a moments as citizens that consumed a new product called Gro-Gain Max, were effected with a case of lycanthropy as a resulting side effect, the masquerade quickly became overrun with rampaging werewolves; nearby clans of werewolf hunters swarmed in to the fight.


These brief profiles were assembled using the characters post history. The following threads and post may or may not be available after the event has passed.


Additional infoEdit


  • Due to drug induced lycanthropy, it is currently unknown if werewolves of Gaia are effected by lunar changes.
  • The wolves with names participated in the event, but it is currently unknown if they are human turn werewolf or simply an anomaly. There are only two thus far that have been recognized as previously being human.
  • The hunter Sidney Buckminster assumed that the rainbow-colored sparking dogs with the bows are like the peacocks in the group. In other words, breeding stock. The black ones tend to be of an over-emotional variety. Probably one of those so-called "emo" children before their turning.[2]


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Mr. Clawdangles
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Silky Meadows
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