A Wishlist is fairly self-explanatory: a list of all the items a user wants to have or is questing. Prior the profile system's Wishlist, these were confined to graphics which were usually placed in user signatures. These custom Wishlists were purchasable in the Mini Shops forum.

With the advent of the profile system came a new Wishlist feature, run by Rina. This enabled users to add items from the marketplace or the shops to their profile-viewable Wishlist with a few clicks. Many agree that this Wishlist application was inspired by the user-made graphics.

The new Wishlist also appears on your Marketplace home page, and shows the price at which the item is selling.

There is a slight downside to the wishlist: it can only be used for equipable items, housing items, aquarium items, fishing rods (not fish or bait), auto items and alchemy recipes & items (i.e. Philosopher's Cache, Alchemist's Case, all magical giftboxes, Enki's catch, and alchemized items). Alchemy components and game items cannot be put onto the wishlist.

W-wait a second, is that all there is?!

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