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The Wings Sale is a sale involving items that are normally obtained through Alchemy and later stocked in the La Victoire, they can be purchasable using Gaia Cash.

Cs promo 2k13dec25 wingssale


  • Listing Archangel's Wings - Price: 24900 / 29900 Cash
  • Listing Cherubim's Wings - Price: 2499 Cash
  • Listing Gabriel's Wings - Price: 2499 Cash
  • Listing Heavenly Wings - Price: 999 Cash
  • Listing Michael's Wings - Price: 24900 / 49900 Cash
  • Listing Raphael's Wings - Price: 7499 Cash
  • Listing Seraphim's Wings - Price: 7499 Cash


December 25, 2013

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NPC:Jet & Cygnus
Avatar Jet Cygnus flip
  • Icon announceAnnouncement Wings sale in La Victoire! - [NPC] Jet & Cygnus Thu Dec 19, 2013 3:43 pm
Up up and away, Gaians! Or, y'know. I'd be saying that if I were capable of flying. As it is I'm stuck waddlin' around like everyone else, using my feet to do the walking like some kind of pleb. It's awful! Who came up with this walking stuff anyway? Isn't there a better alternative? Well, unfortunately, I'm kinda stuck on land here. But if you're interested in a pair of majestic wings to let you take to the skies, then I might be able to help you out!

It's a veritable explosion of feathers! Check it: we've got Michael's Wings, Archangel's Wings, Gabriel's Wings, Cherubim's Wings, Raphael's Wings, Seraphim's Wings, and the brand spankin' new Heavenly Wings! Wanna cuddle some clouds, Gaians? You totally can with these wings. Snuggle stars? Well, that's pushing it a little, but you can try. Punch that smug sun in his smug little face and show him who is boss? I don't think you can, even though he totally deserves it, but give it your best shot! Either way, you're gonna look pretty awesome with these gorgeous wings. So come to La Victoire and take a look! We'll be selling them until Midnight EST December 25th. Walk on over, flap your way out!

Visit La Victoire!

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