Wing Sticker  n. (wing stik-er) [1][2]

  1. something resembling or likened to a bird's wing
  2. an adhesive label.


The Wing Sticker is a blue, wing-shaped sticker introduced in the summer of 2010.


Item descriptionEdit

2k10 WingSticker

Wing Sticker icon

A mysterious sticker, only attainable by special means. It seems to be stuck to you!
Be sure to collect these whenever you can - if you miss one, you won't get the same chance again. Later, you'll be able to trade them in for special prizes.


They are soulbound, and can be collected during certain gaian events, such as the Summer 2k10: Frontier Skies event (when the stickers were first introduced).

They are listed in the inventory's Game tab. The notable wing shape of the sticker is one of Gaia's trademark symbols, seen in 2003 with the release of the Monthly Collectible - "Mini Angel Wings". On September 13, 2010, a shop was introduced called "The Treehouse," a shop where the stickers can be exchanged for items.


  • There is a pink version of the sticker icon, however, it is specifically made to lead users to a subscription page hosted by Gaia.

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