Gaia Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Jay

2010 The Treehouse
  • Welcome to the Treehouse, (Username)! Hope you brought some Wing Stickers, 'cause that's all we take here.
  • You're not here to rob us, are you? I'm watchin' you.
  • You got no idea what it's like to grow up an orphan. I ate rat chow every day and learned to bite through wood.
  • Don't push your luck,. I'm the security around here. I got a big throwin' rock ready to go.
  • Did you know most things are edible, even if people say they ain't? I can eat all sorts of stuff.
  • I fought a badger once and won. Now all the badgers respect me. If things don't work out here, I can go live with them. Yeah, I got options.
  • Rina tried to play with me the other day, so I threw a tire at her. Heh, I showed her what for.
  • I'm sorry, but you don't have enough wing stickers to buy this item.

[NPC] Monia

2010 The Treehouse
  • Back at the orphanage, people used to call me mothbite cuz I always got my hair ate. Now that I got a home, the moths are gettin' bit by ME!
  • Hey, y'like spiders? Do ya? Spiders? Y'like 'em? I don't.
  • They called me Monia at the orphanage cause it was real cold and I kept gettin' pneumonia every winter and coughin' up hailstones.
  • I can do a cartwheel. I'm not gonna do one now, though, cause I'm busy. But I can.
  • My house is in a tree. Is your house in a tree? I bet your house isn't in a tree.

[NPC] Scuppers

2010 The Treehouse
  • Can dogs drive? I hope they have an easy version of the driving test for dogs, cause hey, cut him some slack, he's a dog.
  • I wonder if a vampire could suck his own blood. I bet they can, but they don't because it's gross.
  • I gotta wear special shoes so I don't fall down a lot as much.
  • I mighta grew up in an orphanage, but I'm gonna work real hard every day and one day I'm gonna be the world's fattest man.
  • Bet I can eat more applesauce than you. I can eat infinity pounds of applesauce. It's true, I did it yesterday.

Event quotesEdit


  • The Wing Scouts and Stein: "Thanks so much for coming! Here's your 2012 gift!"


  • The Wing Scouts (Jay): You can have some candy...but not all of it!
  • The Wing Scouts (Monia): Hey we need to have some candy too! You can get more in (# secs).
  • Looks like your bag is full! Find Jack and trade it in on the world map for an item.
  • The Wing Scouts: Grr, we're scary monsters! Want some candy?
  • The Wing Scouts: Nom nom nom, can't talk, busying noming You can get more in (# secs).
  • You sure are working hard for your candy! Here, have something extra: (Jack item).


  • The Wing Scouts: Spreading Xmas cheer is part of the Wing Scout credo!
  • The Wing Scouts: We got too excited and broke an ornament. Come back later-- we're busy gluing it together.
  • The Wing Scouts: We're bored of caroling. Sorry!

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