The Wing Scouts are a scout troop of young children. They consist of three former orphans who use to live at the Shabby Meadows Orphanage.



The wing scout uniform is a mainly blue and white. The attire revealed so far are a coverall dress, knee high skirt and shorts, the wearer has a short sleeved dress shirt with neckerchief and a sash decorated with badges. The headwear is a beret with a wing pin and the foot wear is floppy socks over sneakers.


Besides collecting stickers each of the children have their own abilities, skills or talents.


These three children were in the care of Gaians during Christmas in 2007. By being surrogate caregivers, Gaians yielded to the various orphans request and soon made them presentable to be adopted at the Adoption Agency.

The notable three scouts took it upon themselves to 'say thanks' to their former caregivers by creating a shop of sorts called The Treehouse. At this shop the acceptable currency is Wing Stickers. These stickers were seen at the start of the Summer 2k10 event and were collected for the duration of the month until the shops debut.

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The primary connection the Wing Scouts have are to the members of Gaia and fellow orphans.

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  • The Scouts logo is a blue Mini Angel Wing.
  • The Wing Scouts would be the first character group consisting of children.
  • It appears Jay is the leader of this particular troop. She is the one who made the announcement and she also welcomes potential customers to The Treehouse.
  • It is unknown if the other orphans, who were also adopted, are a part of the Wing Scouts.
  • There was a Gold Shop update that consisted of Scout items, however, none of it matched the appearance of the official Wing Scout uniform.



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The Treehouse

  • Wing Scout Sneakers
  • Wing Scout Sticker Sash


  • The Wing Scouts in general have yet to make any major appearances or mentions in a storyline manga, mini-comic, or event. However, as it consist of shopkeepers, The Treehouse is an available place to gather candy during Halloween events and carol to during Christmas events.


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The Wing Scouts in avatar form; 2010

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