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Wii The People was a contest announced on November 14 2007, in which in the following thirty days, Gaians could win a Nintendo Wii by playing Daily Chance. It was a very rare reward to win an entry ticket, and ticket holders could fill in their details and have the chance to be picked in a daily Wii drawing.

Only residents of the USA and Canada (excluding Quebec) could win a Wii, for legal reasons that Gaia were unable to avoid. If a user received a ticket but wasn't in a eligible location, the ticket could be exchanged for a sum of Gaia Gold.


Wii The People Wiis

The lens flare means they're serious.

A few winners were announced December 11 2007. No other winners were announced, for reasons unknown.

  • November 14th - ninja of Persia
  • November 16th - Satochan
  • November 19th - Yuki_Sohma_Is_mine
  • November 20th - Luminairus
  • November 23rd - Mailly
  • November 25th - Shoeback The Pirate

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