Werewolf Hunters are a clan of humans who hunt down and in likely cases kill werewolves.

On Gaia, the hunters were introduced during the 2011 Halloween event. They rushed to the Von Helson Manor when news that a pack of werewolves had rampaged through Louie Von Helson's Masquerade party.



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Halloween 2k11 guide pt2‏‎ (further information on human abilities)


Halloween 2011Edit

In this event, a manga was released that was about how Halloween events effected the citizens of of the towns. Louie and Ian wanted to throw a masquerade to defuse the peoples fears.

The peaceful theme of the party lasted only for a moments as citizens that consumed a new product called Gro-Gain Max, were effected with a case of lycanthropy as a resulting side effect, the masquerade quickly became overrun with rampaging werewolves; nearby clans of werewolf hunters swarmed in to the fight.

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  • October 24, 2011 - Halloween 2k11


  • October 20, 2011 - #55 The Masquerade (Mentioned)


H2k11 Avatar LambethPeninsula
Lambeth Peninsula
H2k11 Avatar PiotrWeller
Piotr Weller
H2k11 Avatar SidneyBuckminster
Sidney Buckminster
H2k11 Avatar SirJessupMorris
Sir Jessup Morris
H2k11 Avatar TillyPullman
Tilly Pullman
H2k11 Avatar WerewolfHunters
Werewolf Hunters featured in Von Helson Manor


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