The Von Helson Family will be used as an informal name given to the characters that are connected to the Von Helson line by storyline.

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2005: FebruaryEdit

On February 18, 2005 The Second Gaian Anniversary Ball was held, and Gaians were introduced to two women proclaiming themselves as the two most powerful women in Gaia. They were the Von Helson Sisters, Marie Von Helson and Anna Corinne Von Helson. The event was hosted at their mansion due to Gambino's Mansion being destroyed in 2004 due to the Silent Flash Protocol (resulting in a missile launch) to stop the zombie outbreak.

The arrival of the sisters showed the clash between the Von Helsons and the Gambino Family, as Gambino did a number of things to sabotage their party, resulting in the Sisters calling the guards to finally remove him from the premises.

2005:Gambino vs. Von HelsonsEdit

Gambino appeared at the base of his blown-up mansion, asking for donations to bring it back. The "mansion" became a tower, and eventually grew and grew until it had three maps to itself, not including the base on the island. The finishing touch was the old Gambino mansion and G CORP logo on top of the extremely tall tower. Cindy Donovinh reported on its construction. In response, the Von Helson sisters began to sell Anti-Gambino Picket Signs for 500 gold outside their Durem mansion.

2005: MarchEdit

On March 25, 2005 Easter 2k5 was held at the Von Helson mansion, this time with no interruptions from Gambino.

2005: April Fools 2k5Edit

In a climax of the Gambino vs. Von Helsons event, Gambino's Tower, built with donations from users, collapsed with Gambino's assassination, reaching across the map to fall squarely on the Von Helson Mansion, but this wasn't the end of the Sisters, nor the last appearance by the mysterious sniper who caused Gambino to fall.

2007: JulyEdit

On July 10, 2007, The Von Helson Sisters returned, apparently surviving the ordeal of their mansion being crushed by Gambino's tower. They asked for 500g donations in return for a a Blood Drop Brooch, part of a Gaia quest in which Edmund and the Sisters built contributions towards unknown purposes.

On July 16, in Durem, Edmund was shot at by The Sniper; having dodged the bullet, he chose to leave his home and quickly travel to Map:Isle de Gambino to talk with Gambino, who was housing Ian. As the two talked about the incident and a serum, loud music interrupted them- music coming from Ian's room as he and Rufus danced together happily. Edmund understood Rufus's need to see Ian, but also warned him that he could have been followed. At that moment a clawed hand broke through Ian's window; Edmund quickly reacted to this and kicked the figure away.

All three left the mansion for a bunker in order to administer a treatment to Ian, unaware they were being observed by the sniper.

2007: AugustEdit

In August 31, 2007, Cindy Donovinh announced that the sisters rebuilt their mansion. Marie and Anna Corinne captured Gino and Liam at a nightclub full of vampires. Liam and Gino were later imprisoned in the dungeon of Von Helson Manor.

In the bunker, Johnny showed his disdain for Ian and the many years of secrets his involvement forced him to keep; while Edmund understood Johnny's anger he also knew he didn't mean it. As Edmund stood over Ian, he injected him with a serum, triggering a flashback to Ian 's childhood:

In this memory Ian (revealed to be Damian Von Helson) is running along side his mother Rosalie, and clutching the hand of his little brother Louie Von Helson. As they quickly run away in panic, Louie falls and Ian goes to help him. Behind the three, there are two shadowed figures watching them, Rosalie sees them and calls her sons to quickly move.

Not moving quickly enough, Rosalie stands guard in front of them to face down followers, it is Vladimir Von Helson and Zhivago. Vladimir holds his hand out to Zhivago, who hands him a gun. Rosalie tells her children once again to run, as she turns run with them she is shot by Vladimir. With Rosalie out of the way, Zhivago dashed toward the two boys and manages to grab Louie, who bites him in an attempt to get away. However, Ian was able to get away only to have Zhivago running after him.

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