Viximo is a company that provides a virtual goods platform that connects social app and game developers with numerous social networks across the web. It arrived on Gaia Online August 19, 2011 with two games available. The games offer a chance for Gaians to earn Gaia Gold as they play.


copied verbatim from announcement

As part of our ongoing evil effort to make Gaia more and more fun until everyone stops doing anything else, drops out of school, forgets to eat and wastes away into nothing, we've just added two excellent new games to our ever-growing lineup. We've teamed up with Viximo to bring you Gaia versions of two hit titles:

  • Backyard Monsters - Facebook's most popular real-time strategy game comes to Gaia! Raise an army of monsters, attack other Gaians and defend your land.
  • Resort World - This fun simulation lets you build and manage a fabulous island resort in the Caribbean Sea.

Best of all, you can play these hot titles right here on Gaia, against other Gaians, without even signing up on Facebook or anything, and we'll even give you a little bit of gold whenever you brag about your amazing exploits to your friends.

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  • Backyard Monsters
  • Resort World
  • Mahjongg Dimensions

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