This is a list of quotes by Vanessa.

Note that Vanessa's shop quotes prior to 2005 are unfounded. However, due to 2005 being an update there may be a few early existing quotes.

Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Vanessa

2011 Johnny Gambino's death
  • Edmund has been so distant since Johnny died... I sure hope he's OK.
2009 after "Save Our Shops" - Hair
  • Think Ian and Sasha are ever gonna get together?
  • It's obvious Devin has a thing for Lance. He's just way too shy to say anything.
  • I wonder if Johnny Gambino will ever find a nice girl and settle down. He's not getting any younger.
  • Whatever happened to Bruce Hardcastle? He was cute...
  • Mirai's got OK hair, I guess. Hmph.
  • Love your hair, sweetheart. Who cut it? ...Oh, probably me.
  • I heard Moira's got an on-again-off-again thing with that vampire guy. He's cute, but way too clammy for me.
  • I hope Edmund stops by soon... he's so sophisticated... look at me, I'm blushing.
  • Gino might be kinda cute if he weren't such a little dweeb.
2009 after "Save Our Shops" - Eyes
  • What can I do for you, (Username)?
  • Need a trim, (Username)?
  • Doing eyes isn't too different than doing hair, I guess. Just a lot of snipping and drying and jars of blue stuff.
  • Think Ian and Sasha are ever gonna get together?
  • Welcome to Salon Durem, how can I help you today? Would you like to style or color your hair? Browse through our catalog and see what you like.
  • Bad hair days don't happen on my watch.
  • Yes, they're real
  • Have you seen the way Ian looks at Moira...
  • Sasha's highlights are fake... but you didn't hear that from me!
  • Don't worry, if I mess up, it will grow back.
  • I'll master more hairstyles once I get my degree in cosmetology.
  • Don't drool on the floor... the hair sticks in it.
  • Yes, you could use a better style.
  • The Masque needs a haircut.

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