A Vampire is a being who subsists itself by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures. Although typically described as undead, a vampire could be a living person.

On Gaia, Vampires were introduced during the 2007 Halloween event. There are six prominent vampire Gaia NPCs, but most of the vampire populace is made up of Gaians who have chosen to turn vampire. The vampire race is the strongest and most solitary class, they only heal by draining the blood of the other races.



The vampires coexist alongside the humans who live in Durem and Barton. There seems to be an understanding of the vampires' need for blood, and it has been seen that some humans offer themselves as a supply.[1]

It was during the time of Vladimir Von Helson's reign that much of the vampire populace behaved aggressively,;now, with Louie Von Helson as King of the Vampires, a majority of the community has found no reason to attack the humans of Gaia. There is a noticeable hostility towards the Dark Elf population however, and there are still vampires that will take orders from those who intend to do harm, as Zhivago is known for.


The appearance of the vampire is pale skinned, very thin but lean and toned; the eyes are noticeably gray, a feature that is seen with the Von Helson Family.


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Strong attacks, Speed, Agility, Regeneration, Claw Swipe, Bite, Exsanguinate, Flight, Climbing, Bat Swarm, Mist Transform


Halloween 2007Edit

In this event, a manga and two short films were released to tell the tale of the vampires in Gaia. The Von Helson Sisters were back, and were revealed to be a part of a family of vampires. Several bombshells were dropped during this event including the fact that Ian, Louie Von Helson, and Gino Gambino share the same mother. Gaians were given the chance to turn vampires, and a complete war was waged by the vampires on the humans. Gaians were given stakes to kill the vampires and turn them human, while vampire Gaians had their teeth. The event ended with the accidental assassination and apparent death of Vladimir Von Helson by the Sniper, and Louie Von Helson becoming king of the vampires.

Olympics 2008Edit

In this event, vampires were allied with the Dark Elves. Many vampires chose to hide in the shadows for a duration of the games, but Louie participating brought them out into the daylight.

Halloween 2008Edit

In the Halloween 2k8 event, the vampire race was one of the four factions (the other three being Human, Zombie, and Dark Elf) available to fight as.

Halloween 2009Edit

Vampires were the enemy in the world of zOMG!. See zOMG! Halloween 2009 for further information.

There were, however, no vampires present during the site version of the event.

Summer 2010Edit

Vampires were ordered to seek out Gino Gambino, who was traveling with The Overseer and Sentinel on their airship. While in bat form the vampires were searching for him in the skies, they spotted Edmund and Brennivin who were searching for Gino as well. Edmund had to find Gino to inform him of his fathers death, as well as try to protect him from the upcoming danger. In order to slow down the two men, the vampires attacked a demigod, setting the large creature on fire. This marauding attack stopped the two men in their tracks as they were determined to help the creature.

Halloween 2012Edit

It was a battle between followers of the shadowy Kuro Gang and allies of the vampire clans. Two representatives of both sides persuaded Gaians to join their cause. The event is connected to a manga (#61 Him) released prior. Telling why Vampires and Dark Elves have hostilities towards one another.


Additional infoEdit


  • A vampire interest group created an Organic Soy Based Blood Substitute called I.V.EGAN as an alternate food source for vampires.


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