Valentines 2k9 is an event that started on February 13th, 2009.

Event InformationEdit

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In the Valentine 2k9 event, Gaians can send Valentine messages to other Gaians. The messages functions like a Mad Lib and the Gaian is unable to see the message until he or she send the message to another Gaian. Gaians are also able to accept or reject Valentine messages. Gaians are also allowed to send Valentines to NPCs. However, some NPCs follow strict guidelines on accepting Valentines from Gaians. The reward for meeting the Valentine acceptance criteria rewards the Gaian a photo of the NPC they could put in their signature. However, there is actually an universal URL to the NPC photos and it is not required for the Gaian to have the photo item itself in order use the photo. NOTE: Gaians were not required to fill in the blanks in order to receive a Valentine reward from an NPC.



Because of the strict criteria, Gaians are unable to receive every single photo unless if they have mules. The Gaian can receive the following photos:

  • Vday 2k9 ian Ian: No specific criteria
  • Vday 2k9 sasha Sasha: No specific criteria
  • Vday 2k9 moira Moira: Preference for adults. Avatar must be at least 21 years old.
  • Vday 2k9 edmund Edmund: Prefers social people. Have at least 1500 posts.
  • Vday 2k9 vanessa Vanessa: Preference for men. Avatar must be male.
  • Vday 2k9 liam Liam: A ladies man. Avatar must be female.
  • Vday 2k9 rufus Rufus: Must have at least one fish obtained from Gaia Fishing game.
  • Vday 2k9 gambino Johnny K. Gambino: Is a capitalist. Have at least +10k Gold of Marketplace sales.
  • Vday 2k9 louieLouie: Homosapienphobic. Avatar must not be a human.
  • Vday 2k9 nic Nicolae: A man who likes to make deals and bargains with rich Gaians, have at least 10k gold.
  • Vday 2k9 blaze Blaze: Fully complete the Mumbler quest at zOMG!
  • Vday 2k9 devin Devin: Is homosexual. Avatar must be male.
  • Vday 2k9 purvis Purvis: Mentally retarded. Have less than 1k posts.
  • Vday 2k9 Flynn Flynn: Have at least 10 Gaia Cash.
  • Vday 2k9 gino Gino: Possibly a socialist. Have less than 15k gold.


  • V-Day 2k9 Chocolate: Nothing is better than the rich, savory taste of chocolate.. and now, you embody that exquisite flavor! (Having a Valentine message accepted)
  • V-Day 2k9 Heart Lollipop: This is a deliciously sweet heart for your sweetheart! (Receiving a Valentine)


  • Devin and Vanessa are the only two photos to have a hot dog in them.

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