The Valentines event of 2008 started February 11.

Event InformationEdit

During the event, Gaians could kiss other Gaians in the Valentines 2k8 forum by clicking on Valentines 2k8 Kiss Me button under a poster's avatar and fill up their Love-O-Meter. The Love-O-Meter ranks for male avatars were: Dungeon Master, Poindexter, Scrub, Friend Zone, Playa, Don Juan, Adonis, and Casanova. The Love-O-Meter ranks for female avatars were: "Great Personality," Shrew, Wallflower, Fangirl, Tease, Flirt, Siren, and Goddess. Participants would also receive a Kiss Card from Aekea General Hospital, which would describe the symptoms:

Weakness, intestinal distriumph, fever, sore throat, unusual gravity, swollen lymph nodes, bad feelings, the grumps, tongue done swole

With a diagnosis of:

Infectious Mononucleosis (Mono) a.k.a The Kissing Disease

The card listed all Gaians kissed by the 'patient,' and was signed by: Attending Physician Dr. Sougporn Musikaditak. The scrawled signature was hard to make out, so this name may be inaccurate.


When the Love-O-Meter reached a certain number of kisses, a reward would be given to the kisser. The Love-O-Meter filled when 50 kisses were reached. The participant could still kiss other posters after reaching this point, however no new event items or rankings would be awarded.

  • 5 Kisses - Red Heart Balloon: Love lifts us up where we belong, but it's helium that lifts this balloon where it belongs.
  • 10 Kisses - 100g
  • 15 Kisses - 150g
  • 20 Kisses - 200g
  • 25 Kisses - Red Heart Glasses: Finally, you too can see the world through rose-colored glasses like so many optimists.
  • 30 Kisses - 250g
  • 35 Kisses - 300g
  • 40 Kisses - 350g
  • 45 Kisses - 400g
  • 50 Kisses - Silver Heart Belt: A stylish belt with a silver heart buckle. Awarded for kissing a bunch of people on Valentine's Day, 2008.

Other itemsEdit

Valentine gifts were released in La Victoire to celebrate: Grace of Eros, Grace of Aphrodite, Sweetheart Teddy and blue, black and gilded Long-Stem Roses.

External LinksEdit

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