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[[File:*2k*_|500px|center|The official logo of ...]] {{Infobox/Event |image = |image_size = |name = |caption = |Began = February 14, 2014 |Ended = |Previous = |Next = Not available }} The '''EVENT''' was ''[[Gaia Online]]'s'' # "event" event. ==Overview== TBA ==Event timeline== *February 14 :Valentine 2k14 begins; a gifting bear appears in the header. :Switchem V-day style. ==Announcements== ===[NPC]=== {{Dialog 01|avatar = |name = [NPC] Cupid |title1 = {{Link-gaia|at|90424209|Announcement title|[NPC] Cupid Fri Feb 14, 2014 12:24 pm}} |content1 = Valentine's Day has finally arrived, and it is also almost our Gaiaversary! We here at Gaia are more than ready to share a little love! Log in each day from February 14th through the 18th to receive a special daily treat from us, with an amazing bonus item if you log in all 5 days! We've also set up an event forum where you can come and hang out with your fellow users, or even participate in a fun contest! And some of the NPCs will be stopping by - who knows who might show up! Join the 5 Days of Love Fourm Fun Here! Switchem has also been all decked out for the holiday, so why not play a few rounds and see what familiar treasures you might score? Switchem up! It's going to be an absolute lovefest, and we can't wait to see you there! Happy Valentine's Day/Gaiaversary, Gaians!}} {{Dialog 01|avatar = |name = admin |title1 = {{Link-gaia|at|90499421|Happy Gaiaversary everyone! <3|admin Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:56 pm}} |content1 = Hello Gaians! We hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day – and congrats to those of you who took part in the Five Days of Love Event for your amazing bonus item! Today we say a very happy Gaiaversary to you all! February 18th is a very special day for Gaia as it is our anniversary! We want to take a moment to say how much we love our Gaia community. Thanks for being so awesome! To celebrate our anniversary, we’re excited to bring you your free Gaiaversary 2014 item. Enjoy! CLICK HERE TO GET ONE! Also, feel free to keep trying your luck at Switchem, and be on the lookout over the coming weeks for more great items and events, including some luck ‘o the Irish as St. Patrick’s Day approaches! We continue to be interested in your feedback, so keep it coming to }} ==Event conclusion== TBA ==Criticism & Compliments== TBA ==Event Items== ==="item set"=== Gaians were able to "activity" in [[Gaia Shop]]s or in [[Gaia Towns]] to V-Day 2k14 Pillbox Hat Cute velvet pillbox hat with a delicious heart-shaped chocolate twill. Astra-120: V-Day 2k14 Candy Coated Customize cute candy-colored confections! V-Day 2k14 Heart Beard Makes for prickly, heart-shaped kisses. Astra-121: V-Day 2k14 Lovestruck Wear your heart... er... above your head. V-Day 2k14 Red Rose Laurels Delicate gathering of roses, with just a touch of wilt for dramatic effect. You received: 11th Anniversary Dark Halo Happy 11 years Gaia! --earn Spirited clothing. --earn candy to give to [[NPC:Jack|Jack]] in return for Jack themed clothing. [[File:*2k*_items_.png]] *{{Mp-gaia|c|#|item|description}} ===Other items=== *{{Mp-gaia|c|#|item|description}} ===Shops=== ====[[Map:|]]==== *{{Mp-gaia|c|id|item|description}} ==[[Achievements]]== {{Main||l1=}} ==Additional info== ===Trivia=== *TBA ==="activity" quotes=== {{Scrollbox|content= Content }} ==Gallery== {{See also|}} {{Gallery || }} ==Technical issues== ;Site & Forum ;Gaia Towns ==Staff Notices== {{Scrollbox|content= {{Link-gaia|sn|63632027_1066/#1067|Love is in the Air! Coming soon - "5 Days of Love" - Valentine's Day/Gaiaversary fun!|siskataya Thu Feb 13, 2014 6:39 pm}} Love is in the Air! Coming soon - "5 Days of Love" - Valentine's Day/Gaiaversary fun! Hey Gaians! In the spirit of sharing the love and celebrating the Gaiaversary, starting tomorrow morning we'll be having the "5 Days of Love" community fun! We'll have an official forum for making friends and having fun - also look out for some awesome contests! And hey, you never know which of the NPCs might be stopping by the festivities, so keep an eye out! P.S. - If you login to Gaia each day from Feb 14th - Feb 18th you'll score a daily event treat item. If you manage to login all 5 days, you'll even get a bonus item! Hope to see you all there - the fun starts tomorrow! heart.gif }} ==See also== * [["Name of Event" 2k* guide]] * [["event" items]] ==References== {{Reflist}} ==External links== * [ Landing page] Name of Event ''Announcement forum'' {{Link-gaia|at|90424209|Announcement title|[NPC] Cupid Fri Feb 14, 2014 12:24 pm}} ''Event forum'' {{Link-gaia|fm|1061|Valentines/Gaiaversary Event}} {{Link-gaia|at|90422399|Sisky's V-Day Giveaway - Hang out, have fun & maybe win! <3|siskataya Fri Feb 14, 2014 10:05 am}} {{Link-gaia|at|90422873|Valentine Wish: Help Me Reunite My Parents & You Could Win!|[NPC] Mirai and Barrett Fri Feb 14, 2014 10:47 am}} {{Link-gaia|st|90406535|Valentines/Gaiaversary Rules & Guidelines|The Admin Thu Feb 13, 2014 2:48 pm}} {{Link-gaia|sfm|#|Subforum|Summary}} [[Category:Event]] [[Category:"event" event]] [[Category:201* Event]]

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