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The Valentines 2k12 (aka Valentine's Day 2012) event started on February 10, 2012. It ended on February 17.


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Valentine 2012 event page

A page to send Valentines to friends was set up, if enough cards were sent Gaians could rack up gold and an event item. They could also send cards to their favorite Gaia characters, which resulted in a little something in return.

Unlucky at love? Gaians could get valuable romantic advice from Diedrich, Gaia's resident expert at love. A Valentine's Day forum and Flash Hangout was created to mingle with friends and new people.

Event Beginning: First Day & Rest of the EventEdit

  • Feb 10
Announcement of Valentines Day, as the date draws near
Header link to event forum; Wing Sticker becomes active.
Gaia Forum: Valentines 2012
  • Feb 17
Valentine 2012 ends


[NPC] admin: AnnouncementEdit

File:Avatar admin.png

— right
  • Feb 10 Happy Valentine's Day from Gaia! [1]

Valentine's Day is drawing near, and romance is in the air! In honor of love's favorite season, we've set up a page where you can easily send Valentines to your friends-- if you're generous with your cards, you'll start racking up gold and an event item.

Oh, and try sending cards to your favorite Gaia characters-- you just might get a little something in return.

Unlucky at love? You can get some valuable romantic advice from Diedrich, Gaia's resident expert at love (Grunnies are a very amorous creatures, you know). You can also stop by our Valentine's Day forum or our Flash Hangout to mingle with friends-- and maybe even meet someone new!

Send Some Valentines!


  • The event involved sending Valentine cards that would earn the sender 'hearts'. This could be done by event page or forum; below a Gaians avatar was 'Send Valentine' button.
My Status
Hearts Earned: 0
[Event] [Flash Space]

To NPCEdit

The follow NPC were selectable to send cards to.



Rewards that can be earned during the event.
The senders would be alerted with "You have just earned #g (earn # Hearts)" when they sent a certain amount of PMs to earn their hearts.

  • Sending 10 PMs rewarded 100 Gold
    • 025 PMs = 250 Gold
    • 050 PMs = 500 gold
    • 100 PMs = 1,000 gold
    • 150 PMs = 1,500 gold
    • 200 PMs = Valentine 2k12
    • 250 PMs = 100 gold
    • 300 PMs = 100 gold

Event ItemsEdit

Gaians were able to send Valentines to one another or to NPC and earn gold or eventual an event item.


  • Valentine 2k12 - Collect them all! (...and then what?)
  • Valentines 2012 Edmund - A valentine from Edmund!
  • Valentines 2012 Nicolae - A valentine from Nicolae!
  • Valentines 2012 Brennivin - A valentine from Brennivin!
  • Valentines 2012 Ian and Rufus - A valentine from Ian and Rufus!
  • Valentines 2012 Liam - A valentine from Liam!
  • Valentines 2012 Cresento - A valentine from Cresento!
  • Valentines 2012 Rina - A valentine from Rina!
  • Valentines 2012 Moira - A valentine from Moira!
  • Valentines 2012 Sasha - A valentine from Sasha!
  • Valentines 2012 Vanessa - A valentine from Vanessa!
  • Valentines 2012 Sam - A valentine from Sam!
  • Valentines 2012 Ruby - A valentine from Ruby!

Unlisted NPC Valentine. They were not on the drop down menu, but it was possible to send PMs to these NPC and receive a response.

  • Valentines 2012 Diedrich - A valentine from Diedrich!
  • Valentines 2012 Carl - A valentine from Carl!
  • Valentines 2012 Stein - A valentine from Stein!
  • Valentines 2012 Gambino - A valentine from Gambino!

Valentine QuotesEdit

What NPCs say when Gaians sent them Valentine cards. Arranged alphabetical.

Returned replies with Photo:

  • Cupid: To my dearest (Username), / HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. / XOXO, / C/O Cupid
Generically done by Anonymous PMs
  • Brennivin: Hugsa um þig!
  • Cresento: Please do not take this card as an excuse to talk to me.
  • Edmund: Please accept my warmest romantic regards.
  • Ian and Rufus: Please, no chocolates! Rufus is allergic!
  • Liam: Roses are red, violets are blue. My abs are sick, and so are you.
  • Moira: Even bad girls can have soft hearts. XOXO
  • Nicolae: Who loves ya, sweetheart?
  • Rina: I'm up to my ears in heart-shaped cookies and I LOVE IT!
  • Ruby: Be glad for the people who make every day special, like my Peyo!
  • Sam: Hope your V-Day's hotter than a muscle car with a broken radiator!
  • Sasha: Thanks for the card! You're, like, a TOTAL sweetie!
  • Vanessa: Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for noticing my INNER beauty.


  • Carl: (Your test results have come in: Carl has given you something much more special than love.)
  • Diedrich: Did you know that a Grunny's romance gland is six times the size of a person's? It is true! Well, goodbye! Call me! Bye!
  • Gambino's Memorial: "We regret to inform you that Mr. Gambino is deceased. All romantic business will be forwarded to his son and heir, Gino Gambino, who will execute it at his convenience."
  • Stein: (Stein has returned your valentine unopened.)

Love Hotline Quotes: Diedrich

Need some love advice? Ask Diedrich! This dude knows his stuff.[sic]
After receiving a response, Gaians could click "I need more advice."

  • A good "red flag" to watch out for is if your date has a prior history of pressing charges against you specifically.
  • Always wear shoes you can run in. Just in case. This is not just for dates, but for everyday life.
  • Anxiety about dating? Ask your doctor to put you under full general anesthesia for the duration of the date.
  • Be considerate and open doors for your date. They'll be pleasantly surprised when they wake up.
  • Be sure to maintain eye contact as much as possible. At least 30% of the time spent on dates should consist of solid eyeball-to-eyeball touching.
  • Being mysterious makes you attractive! Try cultivating an interesting tic, or laughing at things that aren't there.
  • Compliment your date on his or her laughter by comparing it to the beautiful cry of the duck.
  • Compliment your date on how attractive they look. If they don't look attractive, HOLD NOTHING BACK!
  • Confidence is important. Show you are the leader of the pack by tying lots of little dogs to your belt to drag behind you.
  • Destruction derbies can be romantic. Point to two of the cars slamming together and liken it to your hearts, but change the subject when the cars start smoking.
  • Display your gifts for resourcefulness by retrieving any edible scraps from your date's garbage.
  • Don't abandon your date-- always ask if they would like to accompany you to the bathroom.
  • Don't use any corny pick-up lines, such as: "Do you distribute any coupons? I feel like I should be getting those clothes half off."
  • Etiquette tip: it's considered polite to look up from your phone at least twice during dates.
  • Even if it's early in your relationship, don't be afraid to get the name of your partner tattooed on your body. If they break your heart, you can always write "sucks" underneath it.
  • Everybody's favorite subject is themselves. Prepare a full surveillance dossier on your date!
  • Everyone enjoys a good sense of humor, so prepare for your date by coming up with plenty of cruel taunts and stinging ethnic barbs.
  • Figure out your best facial feature and accentuate it with lots of glittery lipstick.
  • Forgot to bring a gift? Your date's couch is probably full of change. Grab it when they leave the room and come up flush as an oil tycoon!
  • Get your date to confide in you by implying you are a lawyer and are constantly under attorney-client privilege. (If you are a lawyer like me, don't do this. You could get in BIG trouble).
  • If you are concerned about rude waitstaff ruining a high pressure date, tell the restaurant that your partner has a terminal illness to ensure great service.
  • If you don't have good coordination, you can dance just by moving the parts of your face along with the music.
  • If you feel your romantic partner is becoming distant, leave derogatory graffitti in public places to make sure they don't have any other options.
  • If you happen to shatter any backboards this Valentine's Day, try to contort your body into a heart shape as the glass fragments rain down on you. When you get up, the beautiful heart shape left behind will be an unmistakable message to your lover.
  • It's important your date gets along with your friends, so play it safe by only dating your friends' current partners.
  • Loud, pulsing music naturally builds arousal, but if that's not available then rhythmic yelling works just as well.
  • Make your date the center of attention-- tell the waitstaff it's your date's birthday, then leave when everyone starts singing.
  • Oysters are an aphrodisiac. Always have a few in your pockets.
  • People are attracted to interesting and accomplished people. That's why it's important to be a good liar.
  • People want mates who can provide everything they need. On your first date, bring along a tank of oxygen, a carton of salt, a few gallons of water and a tent.
  • Preparing a romantic meal for your date is always a good gesture, but don't mess up your clothes and get all sweaty running around your neighborhood trying to tackle a goose. Just go to the store! (A policeman helped me out with this one.)
  • Prior to a romantic ostrich ride together, consider having a crafty date night where you decorate each other's protective facemasks. (Ostriches can turn their heads around and are likely to peck at their rider's face and neck.)
  • Sex pheromones are your #1 tool for attracting the opposite sex. Load up by rubbing against unwashed animals. (Hint: you can find them at the pet store).
  • Showering washes away your natural pheromones, which are vital to attracting mates. I prefer a nice dust bath!
  • There is a popular rumor that you can do whatever crimes you want on Leap Day and the cops can't arrest you. It's not true. Just take your partner on a date. Attempt no crime sprees.
  • To find out your date's likes and dislikes, tail them for a day or two. You can learn the most about a person by watching them when they sleep.
  • Want to be tied to your date forever by the legal system? Make them complicit in a crime.
  • Watch out for relationship red flags. They can be found by rummaging through your date's flag collection.
  • Wear a white coat and dispense medical advice to meet interesting and vulnerable people.
  • You don't want to be one of those annoying people who asks the same question twice, so after each date record any new information in your sprawling "Date Facts" spreadsheet.

Criticism & Compliments:Edit

As Valentine is a minor event, the reviews for the event were mixed. It was liked for its simplicity, but there was feedback pointing out that, that was the events weak point in comparison to last years Valentine's day. And the amount of PMs to send to receive the single event item did not match the amount of time spent on the event.[1][2] When it came to PMs from anonymous users, there was feedback to opt-out receiving private messages, due to the event's feature being able to bypass the user setting of 'not receive anonymous pms', however it did block those who had their PMs to 'friends only'.[3]

The highlight of the event was the flash space featuring Megalomaniac, despite the lagging. The music was complimented as well.[4][5]

Dev AlertsEdit

  • Feb 15

Event & ATA Update

Hey guys, there are a couple of things I wanted to inform you all about. The first is that the Valentines event will continue until Friday around 4 - 5 PM PST So if you still want to show your love towards your fellow Gaians... What are you waiting for!

The second is to update you on this post here that states we will be holding a special Ask the Admin tonight at 5PM PST since otherwise due to a holiday next week would mean no ATA for 2 weeks.


  • The flash space for the event featured the monster band Megalomaniac, along with original music.
  • This is the first event to involve use of a CAPTCHA. Done to slow down spamming when sending letters to friends and NPC.
  • While Gaia shopkeepers were involved, [NPC] Josie was not a choice from the drop menu nor was she with the unlisted NPC.
  • This is the first event to have subforum created specifically for Gaians who like to send anonymous gifts to one another. The popularity of sending gifts during events gradually grew during 2011, this resulted in much of the event forum being overwhelmed with 'Thank You Anon' and 'Please come here Anon' threads.


Vday2k12 vday header2012
Valentine 2012 header
Vday2k12 whatshotmodule homepage bkgd
Whats hot module, Valentine 2012
Vday2k12 whatshotmodule homepage thumb
Valentine 2012 icon
Vday2k12 gif Megalomaniac
gif Megalomaniac, the monster band
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 ianrufus
A valentine from Ian and Rufus!
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 moira
A valentine from Moira!
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 sasha
A valentine from Sasha!
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 edmund
A valentine from Edmund!
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 liam
A valentine from Liam!
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 ruby
A valentine from Ruby!
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 vanessa
A valentine from Vanessa!
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 sam
A valentine from Sam!
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 nicolae
A valentine from Nicolae!
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 rina
A valentine from Rina!
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 brennivin
A valentine from Brennivin!
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 cresento
A valentine from Cresento!
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 diedrich
A valentine from Diedrich!
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 carl
A valentine from Carl!
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 gambino
A valentine from Gambino!
Vday2k12 Valentine2012 stein
A valentine from Stein!
Vday2k12 pm npc cupid
Anonymous PM's by delivered by Cupid
Vday2k12 paper texture
Paper texture
Vday2k12 vday wingsticker
Valentine wing sticker
Vday2k12 love hotline diedrich question
Fat Diedrich
Vday2k12 love hotline answer edit
Vday2k12 bg landing
Event page background
Vday2k12 valentines2k11 forumbg3
Background, Valentine 2012

See alsoEdit


  1. Gaia Thread: Valentine without Alchemy.
  2. Gaia Thread: Valentines 2k12 sucks
  3. Gaia Thread: Valentine event resulted in an unwanted Cupid's note
  4. Gaia Thread: Valentines Day Flash Space
  5. Gaia Thread: Music in the Valentine's Day Flash Space is Epic.

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