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The Valentines 2k11 (aka Valentine's Day '11) event started on February 02, 2011.


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Valentine's Day coming up and a theme to satisfy both the lovers of the holiday and anti-lovers of the holiday, a Gaian could send a delightful Valentine and let others know how much they care or they could send some grouchy anti-Valentines to friends and enemies if they were not in the mood for romance.

Every Valentine sent would have a gift attached; with the choice of one of a dozen exclusive event items, ranging from cheap to not-so-cheap. If one was feeling flamboyant they could even send an exclusive Gaia Cash item.

Event Beginning: First Day & Rest of the EventEdit

With no site wide announcement made, the forum "Love it or Shove it" was created on January, it was then turned into the main forum the Valentines event. The event was a soft release as to avoid a flood of users that would cause a glitch.

  • Jan 27

Gaia Forum: Love it or Shove it.

  • Feb 04

Valentines Day event soft release.

  • Feb 06

Header link to event forum; Wing Sticker becomes active.

  • Feb 07

Announcement of Valentines Day launch.

  • Feb 08

Private Message from Diedrich and Radio Jack.

  • Feb 14

Valentine cash items moved to La Victoire.

  • Feb 16

Event ended at midnight.


[NPC] Cupid: AnnouncementEdit

Vday2k11 Avatar Cupid
  • Feb 07 Happy Valentine's Day! [1]

It's almost Valentine's Day, and love is in the air! If you've got a special someone who needs some attention, you can now send them a delightful Valentine and let them know how much you care.

But we know some people just want to spend Valentine's Day alone, stewing in their own contempt. We've got those people covered, too: if you're not in the mood for romance, you can send some grouchy anti-Valentines to your friends and enemies.

Every Valentine you send will have a gift attached; you can choose one of a dozen new exclusive event items, ranging from cheap to not-so-cheap. If you're really feeling flamboyant in your romantic largesse, you can even send an exclusive Gaia Cash item to your sweetheart!

Join the Valentine action over in our Love it or Shove it forum, where you can send Valentines, wax romantic with other lovesick Gaians or gripe about the futility of love with your fellow pessimists.

From there, you can also visit our special Valentine's Plaza hangout to chat with friends-- you can visit cheery little Diedrich in the kissing booth, or try to withstand Radio Jack's withering abuse at the dissing booth.

Send some Valentines!

  • Feb 14 Valentine's items now in the Cash Shop [2]

True love never dies, but Valentine's Day celebrations have to end some time, so I'll be shutting down the Valentine's Day Forum February 16 to rejoin my angelic brethren. If there's anyone you want to shower with love, please do it soon! You can still send great items as gifts through the Valentine's Forum.

Just in case you miss out there-- and every V-Day there's someone who forgets flowers until the last minute-- you'll be able to get them at the Cash Shop until Friday, February 18.

If you decide you want a V-Day gift after the event's over, or if you want to get yourself something nice, head on over to the Cash Shop. It's never too late to surprise your sweetheart!

It's been real, Gaians. See you next year!

Send More Valentines!


  • The event involved sending Valentine cards, for each card sent an event item would be sent along with it. This involved using Gaia Gold or using Gaia Cash.
  • Total cost of items in gold 23,200; total cost of items in cash 1,396.
Current Title: Cold Fish Days Left: 10
Valentines Sent: 0 Items Received: 0
Valentines Received: 0 Alignment: Pro / Anti (switch)

Stats: Forum TitlesEdit

  • Cold Fish: [0-1 Letters]
  • Tepid Groper: [2 Letters]
  • Lukewarm Lover: [4 Letters]
  • Hot Stuff: [8 Letters]
  • Steamy Dreamboat: [16 Letters]
  • Red-Hot Romancer: [32 Letters]
  • Sizzling Seducer: [64 Letters]
  • Ultimate Hustler: [128 Letters]

Misc TextEdit

  • *You must select someone to send a card to.*
  • *You do not have enough gold for the selected item.*
  • *You must select an item.*

Event ItemsEdit

Event Items: GloryheartEdit

  • V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Hairpin - Show your love with this cute, frilly hairpin. 100g
  • V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Bouquet - A medley of red, pink and white roses with a touch of baby's breath. 500g
  • V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Parasol - A rose-scented parasol to keep the sun out of your sunny, funny face. 1000g
  • V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Sword - I hear a sword that's got hearts over it makes it easier to score chicks~ 10000g

Event Items: HeartbaneEdit

  • V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Hairpin - Show your broken heart with this darkly accented hairpin. 100g
  • V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Bouquet - Elegant dried roses to leave at your favorite dead poet's grave. 500g
  • V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Parasol - Sun, sun, go away, my life is one big rainy day... 1000g
  • V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Blade - I too once loved as you do, but now I seek to drain it from those who took it from me! 10000g

Event Items: Gaia CashEdit

  • Puppy Love Plushie - So soft and cuddly... it almost feels like he's hugging me back. 199gc
  • Skelekitten Plushie - Remember that one movie with the doll that comes alive and kills people... I think this is that doll's pet cat. / (I'm scared) 199gc
  • Love's Warrior - When you're in despair send a message in a bottle and love's warrior will intervene. No more forgotten wallets and awkward pauses! 499gc
  • Heartless One - It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all? WRONG!!! / Save yourself the pain, don't look for love... avoid love at ALL COSTS! 499gc

Special ItemsEdit

(NPC gifts)

  • V-Day 2k11 Diedrich's Balloon - This balloon is sure to convey the message you are trying to get across.
  • V-Day 2k11 Radio Jack's Balloon - This balloon is sure to convey the message you are trying to get across.

Store ItemsEdit

(The Treehouse)

  • V-Day 2k11 Kissing Booth - Did you know long lasting kisses can shorten your lifespan by almost a minute? Yep! Pricing: 10 Wing Stickers
  • V-Day 2k11 Dissing Booth - Save your breath ... You'll need it to blow up your date! Pricing: 10 Wing Stickers

Dev AlertsEdit

  • Feb 07

This is just to let everyone know the event is still in a soft launched state. The wing stickers, header icon, and navigation links won't be active until we are satisfied with the events playability and are ready to move the announcement. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Event is now launched. icon_smile.gif

-Event Staff

  • Feb 16

Event Ending

So many Valentines cards have been sent from the event that Diedrich says if it keeps up Gaia will explode... since local governments aren't down with explosions of gargantuan proportions, we'll have to take down the event tonight at midnight PST. So if you haven't already, send someone a card, and don't forget your free postage wing sticker!

  • Feb 23

GRS News

Good news, taxpayers: the Valentine's Day event drained an amazing 1,477,804,200 from the Gaian economy! Now that's the kind of fiscal responsibility you can hang your hat on!


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Valentine CardsEdit

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