The first Valentine's Item Contest was announced February 7 2008, and Gaians had two weeks to design the ultimate romantic item; cute, flirty or even heartbroken. Gaia staff would choose a group of finalists and then the Gaian public would have the chance to vote for their favourite, the one with the most votes winning and being made into a real item, and the designer winning 500,000 Gold.


The voting period of the contest did not get off to the perfect start. Admin announced their mistakes with the following message:

Hey guys! Due to internal miscommunication and general office insanity, we accidentally released the voting for the Valentine's Day contest before the contest had even closed. The finalists that were up for voting weren't actually the final ones, but just the ones we'd selected so far. We also removed the entry form early, so people who were taking their sweet time to create the ultimate masterpiece may not have had a chance to submit it. Obviously, we feel like a bunch of big jerks.
Now that we've sobered up a little, we've re-opened the contest entry form and taken down the voting page. To make up for lost time, we'll be leaving the entry form open until Tuesday. We hope to have the updated list of finalists up for voting on Thursday.

By February 28, however, the finalists, with three more entries than the last time they were displayed, were properly ready for voting.


The winner was announced March 26 2008:

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