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The Ultimate Race is a motor bike-theme set released on September 20, 2012, it is purchasable only with Gaia Cash or from other users via trades or the marketplace.

Ultimate Race Bundle Bundle

Description: Includes Speedy Jackalope, Stubborn Cryptodira, Foxy Flag Gal and the exclusive Winner's Circle.

Price: 999 Gaia Cash

Store: La Victoire

Gender: Any

Date first appeared on Gaia: September 2012
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La VictoireEdit

  • Ultimate Race Bundle
  • Foxy Flag Gal - You've got to be all mine, all mine~ (199 Gaia Cash)
  • Stubborn Cryptodira - Hey, I'll go at my own pace and you can just keep your nose out of my business! (499 Gaia Cash)
  • Speedy Jackalope - I could totally ride circles around you and not even break a sweat!! Pffft who do you think you are, anyways? (499 Gaia Cash)

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Good day, Gaians! We must admit that we're terribly fascinated by racing sports, as they are something we haven't really experienced in the way you'd expect. All of our vehicles are either too fast or operate outside of the usual principles of physics, which makes timekeeping and whatnot very difficult. The last time our kind attempted a race of any sort, one racer named Boruff, riding a customized vehicle that looked much like a heavily-modified dirtbike, vanished immediately without a trace. Days passed, and he was assumed to be lost... or worse.

Eventually, someone discovered reference to him in our ancient texts. It seems he had somehow gotten himself caught in our sun's gravity well and was flung millions of years back in time. Being from the future, he is recorded to have attracted many mates who were dazzled by his incredible intellect, advanced technology, and rugged good looks. To make a long story short, he seems to be the common ancestor of our entire species. It's something we're a bit embarrassed about and we don't typically talk about it with other species. In fact, it's taboo to even say his name when offworld, so keep it under your hat.

Speaking of apparel, we're pleased to announce a series of new racing-themed items, and a bundle that'll award you with a fantastic new exclusive. Take a look:

Who's that Foxy Flag Gal? Get in the spirit of your favorite racing sports with a cute checkered skirt, sporty heels, flag, edgy locks, bright garment ensemble, and wicked cool goggles.

The Stubborn Cryptodira is happy with her own pace! There's nothing wrong with slow and steady, and she'd love nothing more than to have that jerk on the motorcycle leave her alone. Fed up with constant teasing and his loud, obnoxious engine roars, she finally accepts the Speedy Jackalope's invitation to race! Includes her lime green moped, riding goggles, short layered hair, hooded jacket, green top with cutout sleeves, shell-patterned skirt, and her favorite pair of heeled ankle boots.

After having teased his opponent for having a smaller engine, the Speedy Jackalope rushes off at maximum speed, leaving Cryptodira in the dust. With his opponent far out of sight he stops at a gas station to refuel, only to realize he doesn't have enough money for gas! Shaking his head at the outrageous prices, Cryptodira gracefully sputters past the station. "Gee, $5 to fill my whole tank? Gas is so expensive nowadays!" she exclaims, and rides off at a leisurely pace toward the horizon, leaving Jackalope stranded at the station with no way to finish the race. Includes his shiny red motorcycle, red-streaked mohawk, cracked riding goggles, leather jacket, torn pants, and a sturdy pair of riding boots.

Grab all three of the above items at once by purchasing the Ultimate Race Bundle, and you'll get the exclusive Winner's Circle! Take your rightful place with gold or silver star laurels, red or blue trophy staves, and a crowd full of your biggest fans!

Come by the Cash Shop and try them on, we think you'll really like them!

— [NPC] Mintaka & Rigel

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