The Game Token is the currency used at the games in Gold Mountain.

What it is used for? Edit

The Game Token is used at the Gaia Slots and Gaia Cards. A Gaian uses these tokens to bet and if they win at either of these games, the winnings will be awarded in the form of Tickets if Users chooses to cash them as such. The winnings can also be used as in-game tokens to continue playing.

How do I get tokens? Edit

Tokens can be traded for one gold at Gold Mountain, by Lex. Be wise when buying tokens, as tokens cannot be turned back into gold by Lex.

Tokens can also be bought or sold at the Marketplace.

Why use tokens?Edit

Even though Gaia Slots and Gaia Cards necessitate the use of tokens, these two games give something the others don't, Tickets. Tickets are required to buy any item from the Prize & Joy, a shop located in Gold Mountain.

External Links Edit

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