Tip Post is a feature released in August 2, 2010. Created as an alternate form of Donating to fellow users.

On November 14, 2014 the tips were updated to 10,000 gold.

By 30 August 2017 the tips were increased to 10,000,000 gold.

Admin: AnnouncementEdit

You'll notice a new button on forum posts: "Tip Post." When you click it (and give a quick confirmation), you'll instantly give the person who made the post 25 Gold from your account.

You can use it any way you'd like: to show appreciation, to signal agreement with a post, to donate to a good cause, or even to offer a contemptuous little show of pity.

You can check how many tips a post has received by hovering over the button and clicking the "Tip Jar" link. For more info, click the "What's This?" link.

Remember: begging for tips is just like begging for Gold; it may be regarded as noobish!

Feature explainedEdit

What's This?Edit

If someone makes a really great post, you can send them a little bit of your Gold with the "Tip" button. 25 Gold will be instantly deducted from your account and added to theirs.

Here are some situations where you might want to leave a tip:

  • Someone says something really funny or interesting.
  • Someone agrees with you in a debate.
  • Someone posts some really awesome art.
  • Someone gets totally owned and you want to show your pity.
  • Someone totally owns you and you want to grovel a little.
Begging for tips is lame; don't be lame.

Tip informationEdit

Total Tips

Gold Earned

Recent Tippers

Misc TextEdit

  • Are you sure you want to tip # gold?
  • Tip Accepted!
    Thanks ^_^
  • ERR0RZ! *_*
    You're tipping too much, slow down!
  • ERR0RZ! *_*
    You just tipped this post. Try later.

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