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Gaia Tiles is a mini-game, and was announced on October 13, 2010 and released on the 18th. Tiles is a Mahjong-like game where the player makes chains by connecting adjacent tiles with common characteristics. The tiles all come in 3 different difficulties and have many looks, including fishes from Gaia's Aquarium game. Longer chains complete levels and the more levels completed the more tickets the players can earn, which can then be spent on cool new items in Prize & Joy.

Text is copied verbatim from Gaia Online's Gaia Tiles.


Blast your way through mountains of tiles by chaining them together. The further you get, the more tickets to spend on prizes!


1. Pick a deck of cards with the difficulty level you want.

2. Connect cards that share a background or foreground character to make a chain. You can mix and match background and foreground as long as adjacent tiles have something in common.

3. The side bar tells you how long the chain must be to count as a success and how many chains you need to pass the level.

4. Click the green check mark when your chain is done. Click the red X to cancel and start a new chain.

5. If your chain is too short, a fire tile will drop. Each round a fire tile will burn through the tile beneath it. If it reaches the bottom, everything burns to ash, nothing but cold bitter ash, and you lose. Use the fire tiles in a chain to get rid of it.

6. Make enough chains and you'll pass that level. At that point you can either take the tickets you've won or wager them on the next round for even bigger winnings.

Special TilesEdit

Gg gaiatiles WildTile

Gg gaiatiles MysteryTile Gg gaiatiles RockTile

  • "Wild tiles" can link up with any other tiles.
  • "Mystery tiles" work like regular tiles but you can't tell what they connect with by looking at them. Try them in a chain to find out.
  • "Rock tiles" can't be used in any chain and must be worked around.

Select a deck to play withEdit

Selecting difficulty
  • Easy - (2 tickets) at start
  • Medium - (5-6 tickets) at start
  • Hard - (10 tickets) at start
  • Expert - (30 tickets) at start
Selecting deck
Row 1 Row 2 Row 3
Critters (Easy) Aces (Easy) zOMG (Easy)
Aquarium (Easy) NPCs (Easy) Mystery (Easy)
Critters (Medium) Aces (Medium) zOMG (Medium)
Aquarium (Medium) NPCs (Medium) Mystery (Medium)
Critters (Hard) Aces (Hard) zOMG (Hard)
Aquarium (Hard) NPCs (Hard) Mystery (Hard)
Critters (Expert) Aces (Expert) zOMG (Expert)
Aquarium (Expert) NPCs (Expert) Mystery (Expert)

Score SystemEdit

  • Level
Chain Length 0/0
Chains Done 0/0
Ticket Pool #

Miscellaneous TextEdit

Screen TextEdit

  • Careful! you need at least # tiles in row
Good job!
Excellent work!
Nicely done!
  • You Win!
You've earned # tickets!
You can keep those tickets and stop now, or keep playing for a chance at #
(Risk them all and go for MORE!)
(Take my tickets and STOP)
  • Take 'em and run!
Chickening out already? If you keep playing, you could win more!
(Play Again)
(Claim Prizes) -> leads to Prize & Joy
  • Game Over
Burning cards reached the bottom!
Sorry, you've lost your tickets for this game.
  • Try Again!
(Play Again) (Quit)

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