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The text here was copied verbatim onto the Gaiapedia. This is the text about the Tiered Spender Rewards Program associated with Chance Items.
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The Tiered Spender (Reward Program)

Attention Gaia nation! We are incredibly excited to introduce a new fancy reward program to allow you to get the most out of your Gaia experience.

The Tiered Spender is the ultimate loyalty reward system for every Gaian. But what is the Tiered Spender reward program? An excellent question with an easy answer! It’s simple: we reward you for the purchases you make. This means that whatever you spend on Gaia will contribute to earning FREE prizes.

Want to know more? Then read on to find out more about our Tiered Spender Reward System and how it’s more rewarding than ever to purchase Gaia Cash:

Do you have Gaia Cash?

To begin the Tiered Spender reward program you must have Gaia Cash on your account. If you do not have any, you can purchase some here!

Once you have some Gaia Cash in your account feel free to use it to pick up some of the amazing items we have available in our shops. The more you spend, the greater the rewards you’ll earn!

Tiered Spender (What/When)?

The Tiered Spender reward program won’t run forever. This is a special event that will only run for a set period of time. Keep an eye on the website and forums so that you never miss out on an awesome opportunity to get free rewards for your spending!

When the Tiered Spender reward program launches, we’ll notify the community via forums to let Gaians know what prizes will be in this week’s Tiered Spender reward program, and when it will start / end.

How much do we need to spend to qualify?

Each tier reward will have a reward level that you will need to hit to qualify. Once you have hit the specific reward level, you will automatically qualify for that specific tier. As you spend more, you will qualify for higher rewards!

Do each Tiered reward stack?

Of course the rewards stack! If a tier has 5 reward levels, and you qualified for the top tier, you will receive all the previous items in the lower level tiers as well as the level 5 tier.

When do we get these items / free rewards?

Once the event ends, we’ll confirm your spending and send you the prizes directly to your account! It’s simple as that!

Please allow 1-2 business days after the event ends for us to send you your prizes.

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