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The World of Style is a Welcome page that Gaians and new members see when they sign into the site. It arrived on Gaia around November 16, 2010. Along with it came a new registry page a story done in Flash format that guides new Members into the Gaia World.

The World of StyleEdit

Twos NewGaiaIntro 1
Twos NewGaiaIntro 2

Part 1Edit

Twos 1
Twos 2
Twos 3
Twos 4 dragon
Twos 5
Twos 6
Twos 7
Twos 8


  • Seatbelts on, ladies and gentlemen! We're now making our final approach toward Gaia.
  • Looks like it'll be a smooth landing. We've got sunny skies, light tailwind and no sign of any sudden, explosive catastrophes.

Flight Attendant:

  • Looking good is very important on Gaia. I'd better change into something a little more exciting.
  • Now, if you'll excuse me.
(Flight Attendant changes into casual attire)
  • There are a lot of creative people here... you can't expect to get noticed without a unique look!
(A loud roar is heard)
  • What the... oh, s&*%#! DRAGON!
(Dragon blasts the airplane with fire)
(Parachuting down)
  • Don't worry, this happens all the time. Everything's going to be just fine...
(Burning body falls)
  • You'll land pretty close to Barton Town! See you there!
(Flight Attendant parachutes away)
(A gray cat falls on parachute top)

Bob the Cat:

  • Whoa! Thanks for breaking my fall.
  • Oh, by the way, I'm Bob, and I...... Uh oh...

Part 2Edit

Twos 9
Twos 10
Twos 11
Twos 12
(Now on the ground)

Bob the Cat:

  • Whew, that was a close one! Let's get outta here.
  • I can't be cooped up! Cats need freedom!
  • Great... the gate has a lock. We're stuck!
(Clothing lands on the ground)
  • Ooh! Some clothes fell from the plane!
(Click clothes to dress up your avatar)
  • Hey, you've got 100 points now!
  • You just leveled up! Try opening the gate.

Part 3Edit

Twos 13
Twos 14
Twos 15
(Walks through gate)
  • Come on, let's get to Barton Town... it's just ahead.

Bob the Cat:

  • So, you're new here, right? One nice thing about Gaia is that money grows on trees. Give 'em a shake!
(Shake trees)
  • See that? You got some Gold!
  • Try voting in a poll-- people around here will pay good money for your opinion. It's a great way to net a little more Gold.

Girl in Yellow:

  • Which is the superior animal?
    • Cats
    • Dogs
[Submit Vote]

Bob the Cat:

  • Obviously! Cats don't eat poo and roll around in dead gophers.

Part 4Edit

Twos 16 overview
Twos 17
Twos 18
Twos 19
Twos 20 end
(Outside the walls of Barton Town)
  • We're almost to Barton... let's head over to that Gate!
(At the Gate)


  • Sorry, kid! We can't let you into Barton dressed like that. You'd better work on your look.

Bob the Cat:

  • They're pretty hardcore about style here...


  • Psst! Hey, buddy!
(Businessman offers some new accessories)
(Click on clothes to buy them)
[Gaia Wing Beanie] Gold3.gif100g / [Gaia Wing Scarf] Gold3.gif300g / [Gaia Wing Sneakers] Gold3.gif300g

Bob the Cat:

  • We can now enter Barton.
  • We're in! Thanks, pal! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a date...
Welcome to Gaia Online!
[Go on and Explore!]


  • This is the first Login Screen to display Gaia and landmass.
  • This was said to be created to get back to Gaia's fantasy roots a bit.
  • A unique registry flash story was created to guide Newbies through the basic Gaia's features.
  • During the parachuting descent, Lanzer (the creator of Gaia Online™) can be seen in the background, parachuting as well.
  • Bob the Cat is the third talking feline to be known within Gaia.
  • The overview Map:Barton Town displays its connection go the zOMG! World.
  • The MAN companion, Businessman, is standing outside the walls. Tagged as "creepy" in the Marketplace search the MAN companion is released from various Chance Items.
  • Congrazzles is a made up slang term for "Congratulations", used among Gaia Staff.
  • Some Gaians felt that the new slogan did not reflect Gaia very well.

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