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The Spectacular Summer Sale was announced May 31, 2013. It is similar to Black Friday in that items previously stocked in the La Victoire Cash Shop would be up for sale for Gaia Cash. The Spectacular Summer Sale ran from 12am on Friday, June 28th through 11:59PM on Monday July 1st.


99900 GC
  • Angelic Halo
35000 GC
  • 2k13 Rare Pet Rescue (5 Pack)
17500 GC
  • 2k13 Rare Pet Rescue (2 Pack)
9900 GC
  • 2k13 Rare Pet Rescue - formerly ??? EXCLUSIVE
5000 GC
  • Cerynitian's Blessing
  • Dark Conductor
  • Fall Of The Evening Star
  • Fantasy Kitten Star
  • Kanoko's Illusion
  • Lovely Lucie
  • Pistolera's Revenge
  • Rapturous Union
  • Chuu Chuu The Bunny - formerly ???
  • Princess of the Universe - formerly ???
3000 GC
  • Blushing Light Charmer
  • Cruel Cleaner
  • Hyde's Bloodlust
  • Loving Manner
  • Puppeteer
  • Rival Style
  • Sweet Frosting
  • Queen of Cinders
  • Rufescent Cervidae
  • Vengeful Jackalope
2500 GC
  • Kandi Kitten
  • Loch Ness Lassie
  • Mikko Gakko
  • Sorcerer's School
1499 GC
  • Chilly Bride & Groom Bundle
  • Warm Bride & Groom Bundle
349 GC
  • Fall 2012 Men's Collection
  • Flora Roja
279 GC
  • Dark Temptress of the Watery
  • Moon's Watcher
209 GC
  • Astra-59: Raven Billowing Cape
  • High Tea
139 GC
  • Patches the Pup


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June 24
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Cs schedule 2k13jun24
Cs banner 2k13jun28
June 28
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  • The NPC featured with the schedule is Gaia-tan's counterpart Gaia-sama.
  • This sale marks the first time that the Angelic Halo became a purchasable shop item, it cost up to 1000 USD. It was only available for a limited amount of time.

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Avatar admin flip
Posted: Fri May 31, 2013 5:00 pm
Big news for bargain hunters and seekers of rare treasure: at the end of June, we'll be holding an insane weekend-long blowout of value!

The Spectacular Summer Sale will be structured a lot like our recent Black Friday sales: we'll have a rotating stock of incredible items in stock, including low prices on great items, brand new exclusives and some super-limited-time direct sales of ultra-rare items from the past.

Stay tuned-- we'll pelt you with lots more details as the sale approaches.

  • Icon announceAnnouncement The Spectacular Summer Sale: Check Out the Schedule! -
Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 6:19 pm
Gaia's Spectacular Summer Sale is almost here! This weekend, we'll be offering a rotating selection of highly-coveted items for very limited times. Some are discounted items from the past, some are very rare items previously only available in CIs, and others are never-before-seen exclusives!

The (nearly) full schedule is linked below, but remember: we're also sneaking in some super-secret items here and there. Be on the lookout for new twists on classics and some incredible deals on great items.

The Spectacular Summer Sale will run from 12am on Friday, June 28th through 11:59PM on Monday July 1st. Be there!

Check Out The Schedule

Note: We'll do our very best to stick to the above schedule, but it's subject to change in the event of a technical malfunction, a portal to the nullspace opening beneath the Cash Shop, or bear attack. Prices subject to change. Happy shopping!

NPC:Mintaka & Rigel
Avatar Mintaka Rigel flip
Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:10 pm
Welcome, Gaians, to your wildest dreams. We know it's a lot to take in, so we'll give you moment to stare. Yes, it's all real-- you're not going to wake up in a pool of sweat as this sweet fantasy fades away. Feast your eyes on the Spectacular Summer Sale, a mind-boggling four day extravaganza featuring some of Gaia's most sought after items!

OK, enough talk-- let's get down to the good stuff!

In celebration of the Halo's ten year anniversary, it will also be randomly available for short periods of time. (Maybe it's because of that whole "super moon" thing--the heavens work in mysterious ways). Inside sources say that the Angelic Halo will still be extremely rare. How do they know? Only time will check throughout the weekend as it will only be occasionally available!

For the first time ever we will be offering the 2k13 Rare Pet Rescue item. This amazing Chance Item will give you one of the fourteen rarest pets from past CIs, and if you're truly lucky you may even win a brand new recolor, Mochi Kitten Star! Keep your eyes peeled and you could even snag a discounted bundle of these adorable pets:

We're also offering brand new recolors of old items as well as affordable items previously only available in Chance Items.

Our brand new recolors include: Summer Violet, Vengeful Jackalope, Queen of Cinders, Rufescent Cervidae, Princess of the Universe and Chuu Chuu The Bunny.

Also be on the lookout for: Divided Stars, Grand Victorian, Stray Dogs, Court of the Elf Queen and Sable Monarch.

These previously hidden items will only be available for short periods of time throughout the weekend, so be sure to stay sharp!

It's going to be a weekend to remember. Make sure you've got the Spectacular Summer Sale schedule handy, and keep in mind that all the times listed are U.S. Pacific Time (also known as GMT -8:00). We'll see you there!

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:18 am
Gaia's Spectacular Summer Sale is on! And time is running out! We're offering a rotating selection of highly-coveted items for very limited times, coming soon:

Recolors of Princess of the Universe and Chuu Chuu the Bunny.

Also look out for the 2k13 Rare Pet Rescue which includes a chance to nab one of the fourteen rarest pets or a brand new Mochi Kitten Star!

The Spectacular Summer Sale ends Monday July 1st. Don't miss out!

Go Shop!

Note: Prices subject to change. Happy shopping!

Avatar admin flip
Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 5:58 pm
Our Spectacular Summer Sale has been a smashing success, but it's all coming to an end tonight! You've got just a few precious hours left to grab some of Gaia's hottest items, including Kandi Kitten.

As the sale draws to a close, you'll also get one last shot at plenty of other super-special deals: tonight between 9:00PM and midnight (Pacific time), ALL the secret items from the sale will be put on the shelves one last time, with the exception of the Angelic Halo, which will only be available between 9:00pm and 10:00pm.

Don't miss out on the single most important event in the history of commerce! Check out the release schedule now, or head to the Cash Shop to check out the current lineup.

Go Shopping

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