W-wait a second, is that all there is?!

All Hail Barton, the Heart of Gaia!

Team Barton is a Gaian Team representing Barton Town. It was established in 2007 for the Summer Festival event. In 2008 the team was seen again at the Gaia Olympics.

Team Status Edit

Recorded placement status for this team.

  • Summer Festival 2k7 - Third Place with 764 points
(Calculated as 735 points); with a Silver Water Balloon Trophy
  • Gaia Olympics 2k8 - First Place with a Gold Trophy

Team Leader(s) Edit

For certain events, there was an NPC Rep.

  • Summer Festival 2k7 - Leon, Rina, and Rufus.
  • Gaia Olympics 2k8 - Centaurs and Angel Imps, and included Barton NPCs.

Notable Weaponry & Skills Edit

  • Water Balloons - A perfectly filled and tied water balloon that would be perfect to throw at someones face!
  • Barton Squirt Gun - The world's largest squirt gun, and its awe-inspiring nozzle which unleashes fearsome torrents of doom on all those who oppose Barton.
  • Speed - Centaurs... they like to run.
  • Flight - A natural motion for an imp.


Silver Water Balloon Trophy
Silver Water Balloon Trophy:
This silver trophy is awarded to the runners-up of the 2007 Summer Festival water balloon fight: Team Aekea, Barton Town, and Isle de Gambino.
2008 Rejected Olympics Gold Trophy
2008 Rejected Olympics Gold Trophy:
A prestigious symbol of victory bestowed to the first place winner at the 2008 Gaia Rejected Olympic Games.
Summer Festival Barton NPCs
Summer Festival Barton Squirt Gun
Creature centaur2k8
ImpPlushies promo
Creature impangel

Barton flag miniSee alsoEdit

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