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Summer Springs is Facebook game developed by Gaia Interactive, Inc.. It's presence on Gaia was January 12, 2012, it was announced site wide May 2nd.


[NPC] Lena: AnnouncementEdit

Avatar Lena
  • May 02 Welcome to Summer Springs! [1]

Gaia has teamed up with the talented folks at Fever Studio to bring a fantastic new game to the Facebook world. Summer Springs lets you create a gorgeous village, harvest crops and turn them into profitable products-- all while keeping your villagers happy and maybe even untangling a love triangle or two.

For a limited time, we're giving Gaia members an EXCLUSIVE in-game villager for trying Summer Springs: Diedrich, one of Gaia's most familiar and beloved (or, uh, behated?) mascots! Simply click Diedrich below to place him in your town!

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Click HERE to claim Diedrich now!

That's not all-- as a Gaia user, reach Level 10 in Summer Springs and you'll receive another EXCLUSIVE item starting on May 3, 2012-- a Sunflower background to bring some of that Summer Springs sunshine to your Gaia avatar!

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And to ice it off, each time you level up in the game is an opportunity to claim free Gaia Gold! Just click the [Redeem Gaia Gold] banner below the game each time you level! (You'll only be required to enter your password the first time).

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Better get started building a beautiful town-- if you can create something truly special, you could win great prizes in our upcoming Gaians' Summer Springs Screenshot Contests! (TBA on the Summer Springs forums)

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Want more information on updates, giveaways, and contests? Become a fan on FB at or simply click on NEWS above the game!

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Play Summer Springs


  • Free Welcome Balloons were given out upon announcement of the game to Gaia Online users.
  • A contest is held to see who has the best model town, winners won gold and a in-game item.


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Background, Summer Springs
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May 20, Welcome Balloons

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