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Camp Chaos is a summer event hosted by Gaia from August 12 to 19 to promote social interaction and fun among Gaians. Users can choose what camp they wanted to be and find an opponent in camps where they can put pranks on in the battlegrounds. There are a total of 4 camps to choose from: Fitness, Juvie, Rich, and Science. There is a total of six items to win, wherein the first item is obtained as you choose your camp.

You're being shipped off to summer camp! Pack your bags, pick your camp and take on rival campers and counselors in a massive battle royale of pranks.

  • Lined up in alphabetical order: F)itness, J)uvie, R)ich S)cience

The Gameplay Edit

In this event, you'll fight one-on-one prank battles against other players to earn prizes. As you level up by defeating opponents and bosses, you gain new abilities.

Home bases Edit

You can talk to your fellow teammates by clicking on your team's home base on the main event page. This is a safe forum where your team can chat, strategize and talk about the event.

The Battleground Edit

In the center of the event page map is a link to the Battleground (pictured on the left), where you can get into prank battles with other Gaians. Just click "Find me an opponent" once you're in the battleground to get locked into a one-on-one battle with another player.

Playing, bosses, and earning items Edit

Every time you prank a player successfully, you'll earn experience points or XP. When you earn enough XP, you'll be challenged to a boss battle with a member of the camp's staff! Win the boss battle to get new abilities and earn special event items. Each camp has a final boss, each with a different item.

Where do I start? Edit

Start by closing this "How to Play" window, look over the event page, and click the Battleground image in the center of the map!

Abilities - Names, Energy Costs, and Descriptions Edit

Fitness CampEdit

Level 1
Ability Cost Description EXP
Nap 10 Cures you for 5-10 health. 1
Roll Away 15 30% chance to flee battle. 1
Throw Food 5 90% chance to cause 1-3 damage. 1
Level 2
Rhythmic Jiggling 20 Slow your enemy by 30% for the next minute. 2?
Sweatpants 10 Make yourself 25% faster for the next 2 minutes. 2?
Level 3
Cardio Kick 15 80% chance of causing 4-10 damage. 1?
Treadmill 15 *huff* *puff* 0
Level 4
Box 20 3 jab combo! 80% chance of doing 2-5 damage with each attack. 1
Find Candy Stash 20 75% chance of healing 20-40 health. 2?
Level 5
Energy Drink 25 25% more damage, 25% faster for 1.5 minutes. 1
Omni Drink 10 Don't drink Omni Drink! 1?
Sweat Profusely 50 75% chance to flee battle.
Level 6
Throw Barrel 30 75% chance to do 15-21 damage. 1?
Level 7
Flex 35 80% damage resistance, 15% slower for 2 minutes. 1?
Personal Trainer 35 30% more damage, 30% faster for 2 minutes. 1?
Level 8
Motivational Speaker 40 40% more damage, 40% faster for 2 minutes. N/A
Suplex 40 70% chance of doing 25-35 damage. N/A
"Legal" Supplements 40 85% chance to restore 60 - 100 health, 15% chance of a bad effect. N/A

Juvie CampEdit

Level 1
Ability Cost Description EXP
Break Out 15 30% chance to flee battle. 1
Bully 5 75% chance to cause 2-4 damage. 1
Loiter 10 Cures you for 5-10 health. 1
Level 2
Scared Straight 10 25% damage resistance for 1 minutes. 2?
Swear 20 Slow enemy by 25%, decrease their defense by 10% for 1 minute. 2?
Level 3
Wedgie 15 70% chance of causing 6-11 damage. 1?
Smoke 15 *cough* 0
Level 4
Security Blanket 20 Cures you for 20-30 health. 1
Swirly 20 70% chance of doing 8-16 damage. 2?
Level 5
Pocket Sand 50 75% chance to flee battle. 1
Sass 35 Slow enemy by 50%, increase their damage by 20% for 1 minute. 1?
Level 6
Atomic Wedgie 30 65% chance to do 18-25 damage. 1?
Level 7
Adult Beverage 20 *hic* 1?
Mad-dog 35 Reduce enemy speed, attack, and defense by 30% for 1 minute. 1?
Rebel 75 Show your enemies that you mean business. 1?
Level 8
Beat Up 40 55% chance of doing 30-50 damage. N/A
Flip the Bird 40 Slow the enemy by 50%, increase their damage by 30% for 1 minute. N/A
Rehab 40 Full heal, 1 minute until next action N/A

Rich CampEdit

Level 1
Ability Cost Description EXP
Bribe 10 30% chance to flee battle. 1
Caviar 10 Cures you for 5-10 health. 1
Toady 5 90% chance to cause 1-3 damage. 1
Level 2
Condescend 20 Enemy does 20% less damage for 1 minute. 2?
Count Money 10 Become hypnotized by your wealth. 2?
Level 3
Abercrombie and Fist 15 80% chance of causing 4-10 damage. 1?
Level 4
Dodo Egg 20 Cures you for 15-30 health. 1
Hired Goons 20 2 attacks! 75% chance of doing 4-7 damage with each attack. 2?
Level 5
Lawyer Up! 25 50% damage resistance for 2 minute. 1
Escape on yacht 50 75% chance to flee battle. 1?
Level 6
Bodyguards 30 3 attacks! 75% chance of doing 4-8 damage with each attack. 1?
Level 7
Butler Shield 35 75% damage resistance for 2 minutes. 1?
Display of Wealth 35 Stun the enemy for 30 seconds. 1?
Level 8
Private Army 40 5 attacks! 50% chance of each attack doing 5-11 damage. N/A
European Sabbatical 40 Full heal, 1 minute until next action. N/A
Hostile Takeover 40 Reduce enemy energy by 25, increase your action speed by 25% for 2 minutes. N/A

Science CampEdit

Level 1
Ability Cost Description EXP
Fetal Position 15 30% chance to flee battle. 1
Inhaler 10 Cures you for 5-10 health. 1
Static Electricity 5 90% chance to cause 1-3 damage. 1
Level 2
Circular Logic 25 Confuse the enemy. Lower their speed by 10% 1
Sense of Superiority 10 25% damage resistance for 1.5 minutes. 1
Level 3
Mints & Cola 15 80% chance of causing 4-10 damage. 2
Nerdebate 10 *Ahem* 0
Level 4
Astronaut Ice Cream 20 Cures you for 15-30 health. 1
Solar Stun Gun 20 75% chance of causing 4-12 damage. 2?
Level 5
Call Mom 50 75% chance to flee battle. 1
Super Serum 25 Do 50% more damage for 2 minutes. 1?
Level 6
Model Rocket 30 75% chance to do 15-21 damage. 2?
Level 7
Blind With Science 35 Stun the enemy for 30 seconds. 1?
Experiment 30 10% chance something amazing will happen, 90% chance something bad will happen. 1?
Level 8
Mutation 40 Restore 40 - 70 health. N/A
Gamma Radiation 40 50% damage resistance, 50% damage bonus for 2 minutes N/A
Tesla Coil 40 50% chance of doing 20 - 30 damage, 5% chance of doing 100 damage. N/A

Personal StatsEdit

Levels Fitness Juvie Rich Science
1 Twinkie Fresh Meat Poseur Dunce
2 Wimp Yard Snitch Noveau Riche Student
3 Trainee Problem Child Debutante Undergeek
4 Athlete Toadie Social Climber Full Geek
5 MVP Bully Elitist Nerdlinger
6 "After" Photo Ringleader Ringleader Prodigy
7 Hardbody Rabblerouser Jet Setter Savant
8 Thighmaster Rebel Gatsbyesque Dandy Supergenius

Secret Beach: NPC PhrasesEdit

Sasha Moira
  • Staying in shape is fun! Yay!
  • We should totally hit the gym!
  • Oh my god! You look soooo good. You must work out!
  • Drop and give me 20!
  • If you get sweaty, just go for a swim. The water's warm.
  • I'd hate to go back to my original weight...
  • Liam says he can lift any dog over his head, but I don't believe him.
  • Like listen... my door is like totally open any time, you know?
  • If you're looking for trouble, you found it.
  • If anybody gets out of line in my camp, I'll set 'em straight.
  • Edy was too busy to help me build this tent, so I had to improvise.
  • Let's face it... the other camps don't stand a chance against us.
  • Sam and Liam together? Hopefully Camp Chaos doesn't split them up.
  • Be careful around the vampire twins. They can get bitey.
  • As a counselor I must advise you to behave yourself at all times... blah blah blah.
Von Helson Sam
  • We had to use three bottles of sunscreen. Hopefully we don't burst into flames.
  • Being fabulously wealthy is harder than it looks.
  • Ugh, guess we should go count our money again.
  • Time for a another caviar snack pack...
  • Your blood looks really, really rich right now...
  • What blood type did you say you were again?
  • Have you seen Liam?
  • Gino is possibly the most useless counselor in the world. We're doing all the work.
  • I haven't been out of the garage in so long.
  • I hope Edy is doing okay with all those troublemakers.
  • I wonder what Liam is up to...
  • Edmund is still wearing that terrifying camp outfit...
  • Those solar panels up top provide enough energy to power my laptop.
  • Did you know you can build an entire car out of basic elements found in nature?
  • There's some delicious juice in those Erlenmeyer flasks over there. Help yourself.
  • Be careful swimming out there. The lake is overrun with deadly zebra mussels.

The Prizes Edit

  • Camp Jackets - Get jacket when you join a camp
    • Fitness Camp Windbreaker
    • Juvie Camp Striped Hoodie
    • Rich Camp Leather Coat
    • Science Camp Lab Coat
  • Level 6 Items - Depends on which boss you defeat when you are level 5 going onto level 6
    • Fitness Camp Weighted Gloves
    • Juvie Camp Plastic Spork Tool
    • Rich Camp Raining Money
    • Science Camp Beaker & Tongs
  • Level 8 Items - Get these items after defeating the camp counselors at level 8
    • Fitness Camp Diet Food
    • Juvie Camp Shabby Beanie
    • Rich Camp Stacks of Gold
    • Science Camp Thick Eyeglasses
  • Event Items Available to All Camps - Click the Fire at Secret Beach
    • Camp Chaos Secret Stage Sash

Dev AlertsEdit

8/12 12:06 PM - Welcome to Camp Chaos!

8/13 11:42 AM - A few updates:

- The XP bonus for beating a player opponent has been raised to 10 XP.

- Some are worried they're not getting items: You get your first item for joining a camp, and your second item for beating a boss at level 5.

8/13 2:07 - Your item counts have been updated to reflect your actual item count. PM Fleep if this isn't the case :D (hint: remember, you get item #1 when you join a camp).

8/14 11:26 AM - If you are experiencing an item granting glitch, we will still be able to recover your items. Fix coming soon.

Gallery: The Camp Houses Edit

Know the story behind Camp Chaos by reading the following Mini-Comics below:

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