Suitomatic VII  n. ([soot]-o-[mat-ik) [1]

  1. A combination of the words 'suit' and the suffix 'matic'.


Edmund originally designed this device years ago, when he was trying to find a way to denature Grunnies so they'd maintain their cuteness and stop being so damned bloodthirsty.


The Suitomatic VII is the code name for a gene splitting centrifuge which works through the miracle of physics and spinning. It was brought on the EI Report show by Edmund and used on Timmy to separate him from his evil half. Since evil matter is slightly heavier than good matter, it would leave two completely separate organisms after it finished spinning.

In order to get Timmy (called T-Bone at the time) on the machine, Dr. Singh called it a suit pressing machine. Edmund kept up the ruse and told T-Bone that the gentle revolving action would steam-clean, dewrinkle and reshine a suit in a fraction of the time required by conventional ironing.



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