Str8 is the name of a set of items to restrain the wearer.

Barton BoutiqueEdit


  • Str8 Jacket: You can't restrain yourself from buying this jacket. (3,210 Gold)


  • Str8 Pants: A Gaian once tried to convince me to take a poll. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. (2,154 Gold)


  • Str8 Shoes: People who are 'hysterical' often lose self-control due to the overwhelming fear.
Buy these shoes before you lose self-control due to the overwhelming fear. (1,890 Gold)


  • L0cke is always seen wearing a Str8 Jacket.
  • Dr. Schadenkind made Timmy wear a Str8 Jacket in the Evolving Item Report of July 3 2008.
  • The word "Str8" is a shortened term for "strait." Thus, a Str8 Jacket literally means straitjacket. Keep in note that having someone to wear a straitjacket for a relatively long time may or may not be dangerous.