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The Steampunk Royalty is a Steampunk-theme set released on January 27, 2012

Steampunk Royalty Bundle

Description: Includes Favored Heiress, Faithful Mechanic, Sir Ceph the Dapper Octopus, and the exclusive Courtly Love.

Price: 999 Gaia Cash

Store: La Victoire (formerly)

Gender: Any

Date first appeared on Gaia: January 2012

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La VictoireEdit

  • Steampunk Royalty
  • Favored Heiress - It was once thought that there were only six empyrean rubies in the world. This outfit has ten. (499 Gaia Cash)
  • Faithful Mechanic - You'd think that such a fancy outfit would be impractical for grimy mechanic work, but Royal Mechanics that dirty their outfits are fired on the spot, so don't worry! (499 Gaia Cash)
  • Sir Ceph the Dapper Octopus - What do you mean a cephalopod can't grow a mustache? Balderdash! (199 Gaia Cash)

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Greetings, Gaians! Mintaka and I have dug deep into the past, gently altered a timeline or two, and witnessed an unfolding love story centered around a beautiful and rich Heiress with many suitors, and a Mechanic who won her heart by tending to her octopus pet and crafting cute trinklets for her, like her treasured music box. New fashions from this version of reality are now hitting our shelves-- meet the items of the Steampunk Royalty Bundle!
  • Favored Heiress is wearing her favorite gown to charm her lover, which includes a cinched bodice, elaborate skirt, laced sleeves, treasured purse, standing ruff, and fashionable boots.
  • Faithful Mechanic comes with enough tools to build a steam engine from scratch! Mostly tastefully hidden, of course. The item includes an elegant uniform, vest, toolbelt, wrench, heavy-duty boots, and decorative cuffs.
  • Sir Ceph the Dapper Octopus may not be your conventional pet, but he just wants you to love him back! Give him cuddles and he'll let you borrow his tiny top hat!
  • Get all of these items at once in the Steampunk Royalty Bundle, and you'll also receive the exclusive Courtly Love, which is not available anywhere else. Courtly Love is about as close as you can get to nirvana!

Visit La Victoire now! We defy you to find anyone else who will dare to manipulate spacetime in the name of high fashion. See you next time!

— [NPC] Mintaka & Rigel

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