This is a list of quotes by Mintaka & Rigel.

When they first arrived at the shop, they spoke the quotes that were originally by Flynn. They were later updated to match their personalities.

Gaia Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Jet & Cygnus

2013 La Victoire
September 04
  • Welcome, Anonymous! Our fine items can beautify even the most human of bodies!
  • Come in, Anonymous! If you find cat fur on the clothes consider it my gift to you.
  • Glad to see you, Anonymous! Everyone was saying you needed some sharp new clothes.
  • I truly believe you could be amazing if you changed a lot about yourself.
  • I will be licking myself for the next hour and I hope you can respect that.
  • For Cygnus's birthday I killed a lizard and left it in his bed. I've never seen him more excited.
  • I opened a fortune cookie and the paper was blank. Spooky, huh?
  • If you heard someone screaming in a dumpster last night it was NOT me and some other cats.
  • We can only sell our items for Gaia Cash, but if you wanted to leave some empty tuna cans I wouldn't complain.
  • I keep the big guy around because he's quiet and he scratches my ears.
  • Hey, don't get the wrong idea. I love people-- they're stupid and easy to trick.
  • Not to be rude, but your shirt looks like you got it as a prize in a cereal box.
  • Please buy something nice so I can stop looking at such a poorly dressed person.
  • Shoot for the stars, so even if you fall short you are somewhere far away from me.
  • Here's some advice: let go of your desires and do what makes me happy.
  • I'm the brains of the operation, and the fur, and the claws.
  • You ever sit on a dark star? Feels good. Like the cool side of a pillow.

[NPC] Mintaka & Rigel

2010 La Victoire
May 31
  • Hi, welcome to La Victoire. If there's anything we can help you with, just let us know.
  • Every item we sell is imbued with a sprinkle of stardust. Look for the sparkle!
  • Bored with static items? Try an EI! Feeling lucky? Try a CI!
  • Do you want to try an animated item? We're reluctant to admit it, but Hatsya and Saiph did an impressive job on them.
  • Flynn? Never heard of her.
  • Doesn't our shop just positively shine?
  • Feel free to peruse our fabulous goods! Just give us a shout if you need anything.
  • Thanks! Come again! Your item has been delivered to your inventory. Click here to go there now
  • Thanks! Come again! The item has been delivered to (Username)
May 27
  • Hi, welcome to La Victoire. If there's anything we can help you with, just let us know.
  • Feel free to have a look around. Let us know if you need anything.
  • We carry gifts for almost any occasion.
  • Have you visited Barton Jewelers? Agatha runs a darling little store.
  • Just because it's a gift shop doesn't mean you have to give everything away. Maybe you'd like a little something for yourself?

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