Gaia Staff are authoritative figures on Gaia Online.


"Staff" is a catch-all for for Administrators, Artists, Developers, Chief executive officers, and Moderators. Their usernames are done in various colors with a title under it. They are responsible primarily for administrative tasks and overseeing Gaia Online as a whole.

Types of StaffEdit

  • Chief Executive Officers[1] - These people are corporate executives responsible for the operations of the firm (i.e Gaia Online™ and Gaia Online Interactive, Inc.); reports to a board of directors; may appoint other managers (including a president).
  • Administrators - These people run the Gaia Online website.
  • Artists - These people are tasked with creating site graphics, items, and illustrations.
  • Developers - These people are tasked with developing and maintaining site features.
  • Moderators - These people are tasked with moderating and maintaining the forums on the site.

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