The St. Patrick's Day 2k12 event started March 16, 2012. It ended on the 19th.

[NPC] Odanodan QuotesEdit

What Odanodan would be seen saying around various threads.

  • Seen any good rainbows lately?
  • Happy St. Patrick's day, friend!
  • Odanodan's blessings be with ya!
  • Ah, I'm truly delighted to share a bit o' Gold with ya!
  • By the blarghey stone, (Username), you quoted me!
  • How lovely to see ya, (Username)! Have a bit o' Gold.
  • Well, well, (Username), you quoted me! ...Congratulations....
  • Top o' the mornin' to ya! Just kidding, nobody actually says that.
  • I hope you won't mind terribly if I help meself to some Gold, friend.
  • Really (Username), have ya' nothin' better to do than quote me all day?
  • After me gold, are ya (Username)? You'll have to do better than that. Reversal o' fortune!

Gold grant

You received:

1000 Gaia Gold

You received 1000 Gaia Gold! Gold can be spent on items in Gaia's gold shops.

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Event ItemsEdit

Special ItemsEdit

(NPC gifts)

  • Golden Clover


  • This is the second St. Patrick's Day event to include Odanodan.
  • A pot of gold would randomly appear in the header and clicking it would grant a user 1000 Gaia Gold.
  • Being quoted by Odanodan would result in receiving a golden clover. This item is worn on the users head.
  • Many users attempted to lure the NPC into quoting them by creating post with trigger words or certain methods.[1][2][3]
  • There was no defined proof that any of the methods worked, and that the NPC simply quoted at random when his name was posted.

Dev AlertsEdit

  • Mar 16

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Once again we find ourselves in March whateverteenth, and once again, we discover our resident crazed leprechaun Odanodan stirring up trouble. His pot of gold is located somewhere in Gaia, and if you find it before he does, make sure to take it! He's happy to converse with any other revelers when summoned by name, and he's even more happy to engage in an ongoing conversation, as long as you can make timely and snappy repartee.

Make sure you spell Odanodan's name right, because nothing irks him more than typos. Odanodan will be out celebrating in a potentially inebriated manner until Monday afternoon. Enjoy your weekend, and try not to make eye contact with the leprchaun.


Stpd2k12 stpattyheader anim


  1. Gaia Thread: How to Get Golden Clover
  2. Gaia Thread:Pot of Gold. Now.
  3. Gaia Thread: A method to get the clover that really works + Evidence

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