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The St. Patrick's Day 2k11 event started March 16, 2011.

Event Beginning:Edit

  • Mar 16
  • [NPC] Odanodan appears and passes out the Animated Item: Astra-XI: Lucky Clover
  • Announcement of St. Patrick's Day event.


Announcement: [NPC] OdanodanEdit

StPD2k11 Avatar Odanodan
  • Mar 16 St. Patrick's Day Event [1]

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Gaians! 'Tis never a bad time, celebrating our patron saint of snake-slaying. Back in the old days-- you wouldn't remember-- I once saw young Patrick drive a whole pack of the legless buggers into the sea with nothing more than a cobbler's broom and a prayer! Ah, those were the days.

What I'm getting to is that you'd do well to remember the contributions of this great man with a little festivity and well-wishing. I'll be doing my part in the forums, spreading joy-- and a little mischief-- to any Gaians who catch my ear.

Visit the Shamrock Forum


The gameplay involved being turned green by being quoted by Odanodan the leprechaun, upon being quoted Gaians would receive an item from him as well as turning entirely green.

[NPC] Odanodan PhrasesEdit

What Odanodan would be seen saying around various threads.

  • Well that's a right bit o' wisdom!
  • Now that's a bit of blarney blather.
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day. :pirate: Yar.
  • Bang on! Couldn't of said it better without a pint.
  • 'Tis a fine day to celebrate the feast of old St. Pat!
  • And a 'appy St. Patrick's Day to you, too! Good on you!
  • Spare a little Gold for an old gent? It'll bring you good luck!
  • You're a fine fellow to say that-- just a wee touched in the 'ead is all.
  • I can't change the laws o' physics laddy ...unless there be Gold involved.
  • Don't cross me, lad! I've got plenty of gifts for you, but I won't part with a bit o' me Gold.
  • Thank you! Why won't mine turn me green? It only lets me have the clovers. Is it something I'm wearing?
  • They say giving Gold to a leprechaun can cure what ails you. Oh, but I'm sure you'd 'ave no need for that, would you?

Event ItemsEdit

Special ItemsEdit

(NPC gifts)

  • Astra-XI: Lucky Clover


  • The name Odanodan means of the red earth in Ireland. [1]
  • Odanodan first appearance was as a companion item. There is also the SDPlus #270 Odanodan released from the Crystal Overdrive CI. A unique feature for this NPC was being able to blink and hold an animated rainbow in his palm, the number of frames was 147.
  • This is the third time for the Quote Transmitted Disease to appear. However, this one seemed to functioned by use of a transparent animated PNG. [2]
  • Theories were that Odanodan could be summoned into a thread by typing keywords in relation to St. Patrick's Day or by typing his name. A few bugs were the QTD not rending some avatars green due to certain skins and I'am poses.

Dev AlertsEdit

  • Mar 16

St. Patricks Day Event

...Launch and testing in progress. If the site crashes... It wasn't me :ninja:

  • Mar 16

Shamrock 2011

Event is now fully live. This event will continue until Monday.

Event Notes:
While your avatar is under the green spell from the npc other animated items (including the one granted by the npc) you have equipped will not show. This is temporary and is not a bug but simply a restriction of the way the green effect works. Animated items will display normally when you un-greenify yourself or when the event ends, whichever comes first. "icon_wink.gif"

  • Mar 21

Shamrock 2011 Ending

Hey guys, our St. Patricks Day event will be ending today at midnight PDT. So if you haven't already check it out!


StPD2k11 QTD
Example of a Gaian being turned green
StPD2k11 forumbg minievent 1a 1300299602 bkgd

External linksEdit


  1. Our Baby Namer - Odanodan
  2. Wikipedia - Animated PNG

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