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The Sprightly Seasons is a set released on January , 2011

Sprightly Seasons Bundle

Description: Sprightly Seasons Bundle comes with Summer Gardener, Spring Wanderer, Fall Artist, Winter Dancer and the exclusive Fairies Abode!!

Price: 1299 Gaia Cash

Store: La Victoire (formerly)

Gender: Any

Date first appeared on Gaia: January 2011
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La VictoireEdit

  • Sprightly Seasons Bundle
  • Fairies Abode - Where the season's helpers can be found... (exclusive item)
  • Winter Dancer - The frost is so stunning, it'll give you chills. (399 Gaia Cash)
  • Spring Wanderer - Spring is the time for renewal, rebirth and time for exploration. (399 Gaia Cash)
  • Fall Artist - Every painter needs a beret. A Fall artist just happens to like to have theirs made out of acorns tops... (399 Gaia Cash)
  • Summer Gardener - The summer sun glows with life. (399 Gaia Cash)

External linksEdit

As cosmic beings, Rigel and I are constantly fascinated by your world's beautiful cycle of seasons. I find myself calmed by the chill of winter, while Rigel enjoys the exciting changes of autumn-- but no matter your favorite time of year, you'll find it lovingly captured by these new items, each bringing a different season's fairy ambassador.
  • The Winter Dancer brings the frosty elegance of a clear winter night. Includes a beautiful icy gown, shimmering fairy wings and a gorgeous new hairstyle.
  • The Spring Wanderer includes a fanciful leafy getup, perfect for a jaunt through a warm glade. Includes a shirt, pants, boots and a cap, plus wings made of bright green leaves.
  • The Fall Artist strives to capture autumn's beauty on canvas. His tunic, boots and trousers are made of fallen leaves; also includes a lovely leafy wig.
  • The Summer Gardener decks herself out in an adorable yellow ribbon and clothes made of fragrant, fresh-picked petals. Most distinctive is a bright, curly wig the color of the brightest pink carnations.
  • The Sprightly Seasons Bundle contains each of the items mentioned above, plus an exclusive bonus item: the Fairies Abode.

You can visit us now in the Cash Shop to grab these items for yourself or a friend!

— [NPC] Mintaka & Rigel

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