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Tsubasa: Reservoir ChronicleEdit

  • May 09, 2007
Quiz 1 - Tsubasa DVD Volume 2

Our heroes land in a new world that is ruled by?

  • -Noble king
  • -Ruthless Lord
  • -Boy Prince
  • -Mystical Goddess

Outside the castle walls, villagers gather with?

  • -Swords and shields
  • -A battering ram
  • -Torches and spears
  • -Home-made cannons

Upon arriving to a new world, our heroes are wrongly suspected of being?

  • -Gods
  • -Spies
  • -Ghosts
  • -Royalty

Sayoran and his friends are helped by?

  • -A young orphan
  • -City Magistrate
  • -Traveling poet
  • -Wise old man

To look for Sakura's feathers, Syaoran must gain entry to?

  • -A cave
  • -A tomb
  • -A dungeon
  • -A castle

To defeat Syaoran, the feudal lord sends?

  • -His war beast
  • -His despicable son
  • -His silent assassin

To find Sakura's feather, Sayoran must battle?

  • -The leader of a street gang
  • -Council of elders
  • -Mythical dragon

Which character becomes trapped and must battle with a powerful sorceress?

  • -Syaoran
  • -Mokona and Sakura
  • -Fai and Kurogane

Quiz 2 - Tsubasa DVD Volume 3

Who is a suspect the in the disappearance of Sakura?

  • -The Sheriff
  • -The School Teacher
  • -The Mayor

Being held captive by the feudal lord, what group does Sakura feel the pain of?

  • -town citizens
  • -dark army
  • -freedom fighters

What does Sakura find wandering the halls of the castle?

  • -Children
  • -Rats
  • -Zombies

What is said to be at the core of the town's legend?

  • -Ancient treasure
  • -Mysterious feather
  • -Enchanted amulet

Mokona senses that the feather is being held where in the lush forest world?

  • -buried in the ground
  • -under water
  • -on the side of a mountain

What are vanishing from the small snowy village?

  • -Children
  • -Livestock
  • -Grain supplies

What are Sakura's memories of Syaoran filled with?

  • -Exploring the desert
  • -Romantic evenings
  • -Shadows and voids

The answers to Sakura's disappearance may be held where?

  • -Disserted farmhouse
  • -Old castle
  • -Haunted manor

Quiz 3 - Tsubasa DVD Volume 4

The name of the new world in episode 17 is?

  • -Clow Country
  • -Jasmine Country
  • -Outo Country
  • -Oni Country

What does Syaoran think the tournament prize will be?

  • -A ring
  • -Sakura's feather
  • -Gold
  • -Precious gems

Syaoran and Kurogane have been hired as:

  • -Sword trainers
  • -Assassins
  • -Construction workers
  • -Demon hunters

What is release with Sakura's feather?

  • -An ominous warning
  • -A foul demon
  • -A key to the dungeon
  • -A sterling mirror

Quiz 4 - Tsubasa DVD Volume 5

What has all the demon hunters worried?

  • -a prophecy of a plague
  • -a powerful new demon
  • -a traitor in their ranks
  • -the destruction of a weapons transport

Who does our group believe is controlling the demons?

  • -a local warlord.
  • -a sorcerer with dark magic.
  • -a more powerful demon.
  • -an undead frost mage.

In the new country, two of our heroes take jobs as demon hunters. The other two take jobs as:

  • -factory workers
  • -private detectives
  • -working in a cafe
  • -repairing wagons

Who helps Syaoran in his fight with the demons?

  • -a lounge singer with helpful information.
  • -a priest with consecration powers.
  • -Kurogane and Fai with reinforcements.
  • -Mokona with it’s power to warp.

What does Sakura decide to do to take a more active roll in finding her feathers?

  • -become a demon hunter too
  • -go with Mokona into the uncharted forest.
  • -ask people in the café about local legend.
  • -contact the dimensional time witch for help.

What does Syaoran decide to start using to defend himself against the demons?

  • -a holy shotgun
  • -blessings of might
  • -swordplay
  • -blessed arrows

Quiz 5 - Tsubasa DVD Volume 6

Which one of our heroes apparently survived the demon attack at the café?

  • Syaoran
  • Sakura
  • Kurogane
  • Mokona

Where must our travelers go to obtain their goal?

  • Across a desert
  • To a floating temple
  • To a hidden cave
  • Over the black mountains

Who has been left at the café to defend themselves?

  • Kurogane and Fai
  • Sakura and Fai
  • Syaoran and Mokona
  • Mokona and Kurogane

Bee MovieEdit

  • September 17, 2007

Main article: Sponsor:Bee_Movie

Kung Fu PandaEdit

  • March 26, 2008

Who is your favorite Master?

  • Master Tigress
  • Master Viper
  • Master Monkey
  • Master Mantis
  • Master Crane

Toy Story 3Edit

  • May 24, 2010

Who's your favorite Toy Story character?

  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Woody
  • Andy
  • Jessie
  • Rex
  • Ham
  • Slinky
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Other

Legend of the GuardiansEdit

  • September 09, 2010

Which Legend of the Guardians character are you?

  • Kludd: You're clumsy and unsure, which is fine because you're also aggressive and corruptible.
  • Gylfie: A loyal friend who puts the "smart" in "smartypants."
  • Digger: Your nerves often get the better of you, but eatin' helps calm them.
  • Twilight: You're tough enough that nobody makes fun of your bad poetry and singing.
  • Eglantine: Your sensitivity and curiosity has gotten the better of you more than once.
  • Soren: Your thirst for adventure has made you a hero and a leader.

Adventure TimeEdit

  • April 9, 2012

From Episode 1: My Two Favorite People

  • Question: What’s the worm’s name inside of Jake’s violin?


The HubEdit

  • November 08, 2010
  • October 13, 2010

Which of Strawberry Shortcake's Friends is your favorite?

  • Lemon Meringue
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Orange Blossom
  • Raspberry Torte

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