The Last Mimzy is a sponsorship. It is a film about a two children who develop preternatural powers when they encounter a mysterious box containing strange devices, presumed to be toys. Announced by Lanzer on Gaia- Wednesday February 28, 2007 but arrived in March of 2007, this is the first sponsorship to appear on Gaia Online.


The Last Mimzy quest involved Gaians watching the The Last Mimzy trailer in Gaia Cinemas, and then going to the Mimzy Guild to claim a reward. The second quest came at a later date, and required watching another trailer and talking to Mimzy to receive a reward.


  • Mimzy:
  • Click here to begin the Mimzy DVD quest!

Sponsorship Items:Edit

Quest RewardsEdit

  • Mimzy - Your very own Mimzy... what strange secrets does it hide?
  • Mimzy Aura - A Mysterious, powerful aura that glows bright when you touch a Mimzy doll.


  • In being the first sponsorship, The Last Mimzy quest set the basic standards for later sponsorship quests. An NPC to act as a mascot for the upcoming media, going to either Gaia Cinema or Gaia Profiles to view trailers, and talking to an NPC to receive an item. Though talking with a sponsors NPC is becoming a rare moment.


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