Spartan is a set of Spartan clothes and armour.

Prize & JoyEdit


  • Spartan Helmet: This well-crafted helmet offers protection from sword slash and mace strike, and the bristly fringe on top shall serve you well as a broom to strike the dust of the road from your sandals. *HOOAH* (300,300 Tickets)


  • Spartan Chest Guard: Under this chest guard beats the heart of a true warrior - strong as an ox, brave as a lion, inexorable as death. (183,400 Tickets)


  • Spartan Belted Bottoms: Very brief briefs in a 'spartan' design, because real warriors knows that it's what's inside that counts. ;) (110,000 Tickets)

Daily ChanceEdit


  • Spartan Sandals: These sturdy sandals were crafted of thick leather and made to endure harsh weather, survive jagged rock, and kick extreme butt!


  • Spartan Gloves: Simple, sturdy bracer style gloves to support your wrists as you lug around your shield and spear. A must-have for a properly outfitted warrior.

Brown Magical Giftbox/Pink Magical GiftboxEdit


  • Spartan Cloak: You can tell how much marching a warrior has done by how worn the hem of his cloak has gotten. Oh, the tales of travel and trial that this garment could tell, had it a voice to do so!

Blue Magical Giftbox/Pink Magical GiftboxEdit


  • Spartan Shield: Come back with your shield, or on it. Or don't come back at all, unless you happen to pick up a new shield on the way. Those things are expensive. You think gold grows on trees? Go on now. Git.

Pink Magical GiftboxEdit


  • Spartan Spear: Sharp-tipped, well-balanced, and very, very heavy. This is...the spear of DENSITY!