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Soul Crash is Facebook game developed by Gaia Interactive, Inc.. It was announced site wide June 26, 2012.


[NPC] admin: AnnouncementEdit

  • Jun 26 Introducing Soul Crash! [1]

Excellent news for fiercely competitive types: we've partnered up with the talented team at PlayPlus to bring an action-packed fighting game to Facebook! Soul Crash lets you customize a fighter, enchant your weapons and challenge your friends to fast-paced battles.

As a special gift to our Gaia Online friends, we're giving away an EXCLUSIVE free weapon: the Diedrich Sword packs all the mauling power of your favorite bitey little dude, but with absolutely NONE of the razor-sharp wit. This is one item you'll want to get your hands on-- he's an absolute BEAST in Soul mode!

Gg misc 2k12jun26 SoulCrash-diedrich
Click HERE to claim the Diedrich item if you don't already have one!

Also, you can grab some free Gaia Gold by clicking on the [Redeem Gaia Gold] banner below the game each time you level up.

The higher your level, the greater amount of gold!

Gg misc 2k12jun26 SoulCrash-redeemgaiagold

You'll also get another EXCLUSIVE freebie-- a Soul Crash Tunic for your Gaia avatar! When you hit Level 10 or above, click on the [Redeem Gaia Gold] banner below the game to claim your free Gaia Gold AND your free Soul Crash Tunic!

Gg misc 2k12jun26 SoulCrash-tunic
Try Soul Crash TODAY!! You have nothing to lose but your soooouuuul!

(Disclaimer: you will definitely not lose your soul.)

Play Soul Crash

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