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Smashblox was introduced September 17, 2013, it is a game featured in The Playpen section of the game landing page.



Colorful patterned 'blox': Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Pink, and Brown are the known colors to be reported.


Tournament RulesEdit

Target Time Tournament

A Target Time tournament (TT) is a tournament that ends at a predetermined time. The best score at that time will determine the winner. A TT tournament will end at the predetermined time even if a player is the middle of a game[sic] and the score will be disqualified. Please Plan accordingly.

Game RulesEdit

Smash Blox

Group tiles of the same color and then click them to remove them from the board. Only groups of three or more matching tiles can be removed. The more tiles you clear at once the more points you earn. To progress to the next level, you'll need to clear a certain number of tiles within the set timeframe.Best of Luck and good smashing.


  • To celebrate the games arrival, there was a giveaway involving the Angelic Halo. This lasted for three days from its debut date and also included up to 10,000,000 gold payout.
    • Due to issues on launch day, the servers became overloaded due to the amount of users playing the game. The giveaway was extended to the 22nd of September making three more Halos available for winning.
    • In continuing with the errors, there was a free game for players to win up to 10,000 gold. After the bugs were 'ironed out', there was an announcement for a stress test, this time giving players the chance to win up to 1,000,000 gold.


Announcement promos
Gg promo 2k13sep17
September 17
Gg promo 2k13oct03 smashblox
October 03
Gg promo 2k13oct25 smashblox
October 25
Game screencaps
Gg cap 2k13sep29 Smashblox
Brown blocks

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